Have you tried cutting an A-Frame stand to use with grooveboxes?

I’m setting up a new studio in a pretty small spare room in the house.

I have an On-State two-tier A-Frame keyboard stand from my previous studio, but it’s kind of too wide given my small space. I’m also only using it with a couple Elektrons and a Midi knob controller, so I don’t really need wide 52" rack.

I had the crazy idea of cutting the horizontal bars in half, buying some new tier brackets, and using it as a 5-tier 24" wide rack. That would be plenty big for anything I need it for.

Has anyone tried anything like this or seen it done? Any potential issues? My main concern is since it would be so narrow, it wouldn’t be as stable, but it’s kind of hard to tell without doing it.

yeah should be fine. just grab a hack saw and have at it. I think you can buy new parts for them if it ends up not working.

I don’t see a stability issue. you’ll have way less weight on it than they’re rated for. yes it’s more narrow, but as long as you’re not banging on it or something, I doubt there’ll be an issue.

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