Harpsichord release on Digitone?

I’m working in Alg1 and would like to make a harpsichord style release, where you can here a short squeaky pop when you release your fingers from the keys. I can use the EV delay to always make the pop about a half a second after the note press, which sounds okay. But it’d be great if I can make the pop happen exactly as I release the keys. Any tips?

Have you messed around with the release on the filter?

IMO this would require an envelope triggered by the “note-off” MIDI command. I checked the manual, but I didn’t find this for envelopes or something like this on the LFO pages.

It’s possible I could figure out some way to do this with the filter since the filter EG can be turned negative, which is essentially what I need. Ideally I only need a negative release though, so not sure if it will work but I’ll play around with it! Thanks

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How it works on the DX7 is that the level can be set for the release stage. So I basically make a loud release, but for a very short time period. Setting a loud release with infinite time is basically how you can get sounds to play (literally) forever on the DX after touching a note once.

On the DN the ending level for the operator EG’s release is always 0 (I think). If I could invert the polarity of one operator EG I could do the harpsichord-style release pretty easily.

fwiw beyond this one point I am loving how the FM sound design works on the DN.