Harmonix - Digitone iOS App

The OT does not support USB MIDI so my guess is yes, you’d need a 5-Pin DIN to USB adapter like a Roland UM-ONE. Just my guess though :slight_smile:


Having an USB C to Digitone Cable makes this setup so incredible convenient! A pure joy! Thanks for making this app @mekohler

Thank you for being upfront! You’ve got a sale as soon as that update drops! :moneybag:

Hi, any ETA on the update? I am reloading appstore mutliple times per day now …

have a nice day :slight_smile:

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Finished the conversion yesterday. Today is testing and tonight I will submit it.


thank you mekohler, you are a star when it comes to updating your apps!

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…some ideas i had the other day, about possible future features, not sure if they are welcome ,)
I am sure many more will come up in the process of using this wonderfull app…

would it be possible to have the soundpool involved in Harmonix? making selectable what kind of sounds you want in there, filling up the pool in an ‘intelligent randomizer’ kinda way?

also i would realy like to see more different drum/percussion randomizer options.

looking forward to the update !

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I have no access to the Hardware’s sound pool or presets unfortunately. I’ll work on making the Percussion Kit type better / more varied.


thank you man!

what a luxury, a developer that listens, responds ánd implements.

everybody, check out the app if you don’t have it yet!


Pardon if i am ignorant and havent dived deeper into this app. Would be possible to implement a feature in which you could connect to a friend in copenhagen, create a jam sending patterns sysexs across internet. In a same as Endless and some other jamming systems work but with pattern data? Or is something like this implemented already?

No, I would need to create a backend and server which is beyond the scope of the app / what I want to do ;[


This is great news and indeed a luxury; proud to support such a responsive dev! As soon as I acquire the means to access via 5 pin, I will be purchasing your Octatrack software as well!

Update Out:

  • Added support for the new OS 1.30, which is now required
  • Improved Perc Kit Type
  • Optimizations

I forget, is there a manual or still just the help menu? I’ll dive back in…

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Help menu. Just experiment on an empty project.



i have al settings correct (try to, as to are listed very unlogical)

latest version of app and digitone firmware.
but most unexpected things keeps happening
for example now i can t randomise the sound of track three with one of the presets, like ‘dub’. nothing happens, or other tracks sounds get changed.
all kind of unexpected things seem to keep happening. i use an usb cable from ipad cck to digitone.

this seems to happen every session i try again. also after reconnection and exchanging the cable.

i give up after every session. realy tried all te eliminate this.

any thoughts?

I’ll look into it. To get DUB on just track 3, track 3 has to be selected in the app, and the ALL button should not be toggled. If you can, try a fresh app install?



a reinstall fixed it. (It was my plan for first next action already).

will we get more choice of percussion types in some future update?
I am a big fan of the ‘natural’ one in the app for the Rytm. And of Plucky sounds, or any melodic-percussive sounds, for which fm is perfect

just some free thinking out loud personal suggestions

i wonder if the app for the Analog Four has many drum (randomiser) presets ?


Weird…I’ll look into it. The Perc Sound Type has a random chance to generate a Kick, Snare, or generic Percussion. Just keep hitting it until you get something you like. There isn’t enough room to add dedicated Kick / Snare buttons at the moment :[


  • Added Kick Sound Type
  • Improved Perc Sound Type, which now only generates Snares / Percussion
  • In the Performance Mode, each Modulation can now be controlled by an external CC
  • Minor UI Changes & Optimizations