Hardware sample editor

As a Digitakt user, I sometimes wish I could do a little more with my samples in the way of processing etc. Obviously there are more processing/mangling options available on the Octatrack but the Digitakt’s lack of options in this area has me thinking of something.

The idea of a hardware based “sample editor” has started to appeal to me. Obviously I could do all the editing/processing under the sun using a computer, however I wouldn’t mind a little box that I could do some advanced editing/processing on.

Essentially something I can record out of the Digitakt/other gear onto, edit/process on and then record back into the Digitakt. Quickly and easily.

Standard stuff like a 4 band EQ, chorus, delays, reverbs, phasers and anything else creative all on board.

Has there been any gear that’s attempted to do this? Would there be any interest? Or is this entirely a defunct idea and I should just use my PC/tablet instead? Any input/conversation on the topic would be more than welcome.

Must emphasise that this is in no way bashing the Digitakt’s limitations - love the thing more than life itself.

Blackbox? Seems to be precisely what you’re after.

As a sample editor, the blackbox is awesome for trimming, making slices, and non-destructive resampling.
It’s also a great sequencer/arranger.
there’s no eq, and the only effects in the fx section are reverb and delay.
You can inject some color and shading by resamplinng with the lp/hp filter, pitch adjust, reverse, loops, and granular, as well as kinda-sorta-but-not-really time stretching with “clips”.

I use the blackbox and the digitakt side by side all the time. they have different strengths.
The precision of the control over sample trimming is executed very well (in many ways the digitakt leaves you wanting more)
@240p - you can certainly record, edit, and pass on samples using the blackbox very easily.
Just note it doesn’t tick all of your boxes.

MPC Live/One?


This was my first thought, though I must admit, if it were me, I’d find myself inclined to simply do everything in the MPC at that point.


any device that can mount the DT as a ‘disk’ via USB & open files stored on it for editing/processing. MPC Live should be able to do that.

or, what I’ve used with much older MPCs: Kingston MobileLite that can connect via USB to to device & treat it as a big CF card reader - and then present this to my ancient iPad to import/export from an editor like Hokusai etc. Works well with an Android tablet as well.