Hardware fun vs. DAW productivity


Never heard of your music, but I’m a big fan of your activity on the forum :slightly_smiling_face:


Consider yourself lucky :slight_smile:


I mirror your sentiment exactly :smiley:


I also do the same thing. There’s a lot of “ah ha” moments with the OT. That means you’ve covered a lot of ground on the machine already. Be patient you’ll figure out more stuff. The OT is not like an MPc where you write, record tracks, mix, then print. There’s a lot underneath the hood of that beast.


Thanks! Yeah, I’m having a ball with the OT. First two weeks sucked though! Now it’s my favorite noisebox ever so far


For me, one of the biggest boons to the DAW workflow is the modern SSD.
Whether it is a lightning fast NVME PCI-E in a brand new Mac, or a simple 450MB/sec SATA-III being used as a boot drive in a USB 3.0 enclosure… they sure make the whole experience snappier and less frustrating. Loading VSTs and multi-sample instruments, copying large libraries, it’s all a breeze now.

Hard to believe there was a time when we were happy that a laptop had a 5400rpm drive and not a 4200rpm drive in it, and 7200rpm seemed like a luxury for only those who could afford to burn money.

How far things have come…


Can’t disagree! It’s good, and a super efficient way to showcase ones stuff! What I’m really saying is, it’s never been easy, and the YT economy (as well as FB and IG) sucks many people in, working hard to monetise something that I think is not worth more than just to showcase your music for the next step to actually get out and play. I guess it could be super personal, but I came into music to play music, that is the cat’s pyjamas to me! NOW - I’m not saying YouTube is a bad thing on its own! So let me reiterate: don’t get stuck shooting tons of videos of jams when you really dream of something else! But if your goal is to show some friends, have a good time, jam something out and then get on with your day, then, god, don’t listen to me lol :slight_smile:

Just shared my view on social media like YouTube. And what I think it really does to consumers and producers is tricking us in to values that they dictate. Sorry for the derailing!


Wow, this thread is many faceted indeed! I’ll throw in another yay for hardware (but also a yay for editing in a daw!)


recording synths and re-sequencing them on samplers was a huge part of early ebm and late 80s industrial music, you get more interestingly mechanical results when you make a track out of sequenced samples of analog or heavily modulated or FM synths.

there is also an important cognitive element to this, where you can rethink your initial creative decisions from a new perspective without redoing the whole thing or operating in surgical edit mode.

it’s certainly something I want to be doing more and you should keep it up if it’s working for you


Funny, my earliest influences were industrial bands…so that makes sense :slight_smile:


Funny thing about hard drives, I remember a little over 20 years ago in the early days of DAWs, it was common place for drive read/seek times to be a limiting factor for track count. 8 or 12 tracks and you were styling. :rofl:


I dunno, but in retrospect making musik in ableton live, dragging snippets, nip and tuck, for me feels like doing my taxes in an Excel spreadsheet.

Might be more effective to churn out tracks, using your bog standard piano roll daw, but doesn’t seem all that musical or fun to me, rather tedious. I’d do that if I’d make a living making corporate muzak or tossing out techno records by the dozen, but in my free time, I rather do whatever it may be in the most enjoyable fashion. I mean why wouldn’t I? (:


Yeah I’ll take playing an instrument over playing on a computer any day. No question.


I do have some other hardware, but my favorite, most capable musical instrument to play is my laptop. Happily, no schism exists in my setup because everything works together and can be enjoyed separately or as part of the greater whole.

I’ve left behind any either/or ‘versus’ anguish some time ago. It held me back from making anything. Now all I have fun and productivity.


I‘m happy for you :slight_smile:


Good for you! I just caught my Mac mocking one of the hw bus compressors so I had to force quit it and put in the corner for now :happy:.


We all need time to cool down once in a while. :grinning:


crazy, right? Now my current SATA III SSD, which isn’t even that fast by modern SSD standards, can record 250+ 24bit/192khz tracks at the same time, and play back even more.
And I only ever record a max of 16, at 44.1khz :rofl:

I’m happy that we can do both.


Your work flow, your rules.


The Deconstructed series about the studio work of mainstream hiphop and r&b producers is very inspiring to me. (Though I make complete different music with elektron boxes only). They seem to work so fast and super effective but also have fun with a DAW. Here is the recent example of a new Ariana Grande Song. https://youtu.be/svPUzPiBqLs