Hardware controller friend for Digitone

Hey, I like the sound of Digitone but I hate menus. Can anyone recommend me a good, small hardware knobs n’ sliders controller (like a Faderfox UC4, say) where I can set up a sane mapping for useful parameters and then avoid (some) menu diving?

I see for example a software M4L device where they’ve broken out everything in a sensible way for screens, but without a vast hardware controller not everything can be one-knob per function in reality… so what would/do you map if you have such a setup?


Uc4 or uc44 would work.

A vestax vcm600 could be useful if you’re looking at a kpf set up.

Faderfox is going to release a new controller with encoders.

An ipad 6 with harmonix (from the appstore) and also touchosc / https://digi-toys.wixsite.com/digitouch/tone#!

Oh i missed the „knobs and sliders“…sry

Thanks to all who replied!

Research so far indicates the Novation Launchpad XL is a cheap and capable friend, even though they seem to pitch it as a DAW controller these days: so I’ll probably go for one of those