Happy new owner of a Rytm (until now!) — some help?

Hey, Elektronauts team. Long-time reader, first time poster.

I picked up an ARMkII recently and have been enjoying exploring it. I was tinkering with a track for a few hours today and some strange things started to happen. I’m wondering if this is known behaviour, and if so, if there’s a way around it. Any help would be much appreciated!

Here’s what happened:

  • First, I felt the unit was hot, much hotter than my A4MkII. Anyone know if this is normal?
  • Second, while tweaking the kick drum, I noticed the volume in the amp section was controlling all sounds across the whole kit, not just the volume of the kick. Strange, I thought, but perhaps it was related to the compressor or it was some other user error.
  • Then things went bananas. Suddenly, it sounded as though the entire unit was passing through a notch filter. I thought maybe I’d done something, so I tried reloading my patterns and kit, but no luck. Then, after a few more tweaks, the entire unit started clipping like mad, as though the whole thing was running through distortion. Interestingly, it didn’t sound like it was affecting the samples so much, but rather primarily the analogue drums.

I’ve shut the machine down now to cool it down. I imagine I’ll be contacting Elektron support, but I was also wondering if any of you had experienced similar issues and there was a simpler fix or known workaround. I play many of my hardware units for hours at a time, tweaking a song, including the A4MkII and the Monomachine, and I’ve never seen issues like this. The unit wasn’t in direct sunlight and the room isn’t particularly hot, either.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Are you running on latest firmware? If updating does not help, open up a support ticket. Or go to your retailer and ask for a switch/refund. There are some lemons around, sadly…

Thanks for the reply! I am running on the latest firmware, yes. I was able to fix most of the problems through letting it cool down, recalibrating, and a few other switches of things off and on. But I opened a ticket anyway, just in case.