Happy MC-202 day everyone!

Last year was the absolute #202day with a super 02/02/2020 but I don’t see why we could not celebrate the weirdness of this unique piece of synth once again every year.

Some love, some hate it, some do both, often at the same time. Any else has some stories about this thing ?


is the album for the day :slight_smile:


And why not SP 202? or Dr 202

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That’s a good point ! Fire of some love for those then :wink:

That was my first gear combo! Just a year or two after the turn of the century. :loopy:

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It’s a great combo. I had the 707 for a few month and sold it (I regret a little bit even tho i’m happy with the sample pack I made from it), but the MC-202 I never really owned actualy. A friend left his 202 and 707 for a few weeks at my studio and I really loved working with the 202.

It’s a shame those are so expensive nowadays.

Great link ! Thanks for this I did not knew this release and I love it so far !

All I’ll say is I have had more MC-202’s than I have had any other synth, also check out Dan Nigrin’s MC-202 hack, very handy!


Yes I remember seeing this programm but did not tried it for the short period I had the 202 at hands.

For the curious here is the few things I managed to do with it during a two weeks period:

Also that track, from my last main project album, was made fully around a “accident” sequence from the 202 that loved:

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Yeah when I bought the 707 I got it for $140 bucks (first hardware drum machine), and the 202 for about $300 (it was my first physical synth), I only really used them while I was in high-school, but it was a good learning experience.

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Ta for the reminder - I have a windows laptop available now, so can actually try it out.

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Happy 202 day! Fond memories programming its sequencer, my male pattern baldness started around that time. Yours looks great for its age.

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Happy 202 day :relaxed::v:

Back at ya @Stazma!

I’ve had this 202 for 19 years now, I believe. I had one prior, sold it and missed it so I bought this one a few months later. I love the sequencer on this thing. You can really liven things up by modifying the default gate times on the individual notes and rests. The funky little gray box is distinctive sounding too. It’s fairly easy to pick out in classic FSOL and Lassigue Bendthaus tracks, as well as countless other classic tracks over the decades.


Great to see some MC-202 love. For me the 202 (or 101) through a Quadraverb is one of the most magical sounds in electronic music. Curiously the Supervoid reverb in the A4 can do a great “Taj Mahal” impression - just remember to record straight to scuzzy analog cassette for those instant SAW 1 vibes lol


I never even tried the sequencer. I’ve had mine modified so it’s drivable with cv/gare in and had it running in the studio and on stage for a few years between 2012 and 2015 or so, hooked up with a Kenton interface. Loved it very much. I might go down in the basement and see if I can find it, thanks for bringing it up !


I think the sequencer is the best thing about this machine, even tho it’s also the worst thing about it.

It’s impossible to make the sequence you have in mind, but once you embrace chaos and just try things without thinking too much about it you end up creating super fun things.


Always wanted to try one of these. But the no memory on the sequencer kind of turned me off it. They are still kind of decent priced when they show up on the used marked.

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No memory ? Not with this ! :rofl:


The sequencer is a bit like a cut down MC-4, can do some interesting tricks with it like swing, ratcheting, “bouncing ball”, polymeter, odd time base etc. I wish it had non volatile memory though.

Then there is this:

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