Half time, what Am I missing?

I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong but every time I try to change a track from 1x to 1/2x, it falls apart. Even a very simple pattern, one synth track one kick drum, both 16 steps in 4/4, but if drop the synth to 1/2x its not in time anymore.
I’m thinking of a function on my old Volca Keys, you could change the sequence to 1/4, 1/2 on the fly to get more steps but you never had to worry about the result, as long as you’re in 4/4, any 4-, 8-, 16- or 32-step pattern should still sound good at half-time. Whats my error?

It’s not user error, if you shift the scale of a track while it’s playing, it will usually drift off the beat, unless you’re a ninja and change it at exactly the right time.

It’s annoying.

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It would be great if the change occurred at the next part and synced.

Yeah playing with the scales menu when a sequence is running does cause drift which can be fun but also super annoying at times. If you hit the “stop play” combo which restarts the sequence it normally lines up again.

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I think my issue was Pattern vs Track mode, sometimes I seeTrack in the wrong sense, like track as a song made of chained patterns, instead of Pattern being a sequence of combined tracks.
It’s very annoying but I keep on doing it.

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