Guitar restring techno (sample hunter video) // Digitakt & Digitone

Fellow Nauts.

Here’s a brand new video showing the process of recording and processing samples from restringing a guitar and the performance of the track I created with said samples. Fun little video that I hope will inspire you to go out and record everyday samples.

The resulting track has a peculiar vibe to it. What do you think?

You can get the sample pack yourself to see what you can come up with. They’re surprisingly fun to work with. You can get the sample pack here: Sample Pack - Restringing a Guitar — Dave Mech

Get the track here: Replaceable | Dave Mech



this is great :slight_smile:

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Amazing work Dave, that thing sounds so organic and alive :raised_hands:

I was picturing some big alien beast searching tunnels for things to eat, crunching them up then picking his teeth while he searched for more :yum:

Sounded great in my headphones but imagine in a club that’d sound trippy as hell, proper hypnotic. Would twist some heads up in the best possible way :loud_sound::smiley:


Thanks BeLLy :slight_smile:
That’s a great description and I can totally see that picture. It definitely has an otherworldly vibe and groove to it. This one has made it into my live setup so let’s see how the crowd responds.


It’s really cool to see how you can make a track out of something as simple as restringing a guitar. Always walk away very inspired from your sample and make a tune-videos, and the music is banging as always.

I can always hear it’s one of your tracks, there’s just something very specific to the sound :slight_smile:

I did wonder if you were going to break out into a full guitar flamenco jam though :joy::grin:

Edit: i see i was a tad late to the party haha, sorry been a bit busy :slight_smile:

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Late to the party to respond. Thanks mate :heart: especially the part that you can recognize the sound. :blush::ok_hand:t2:

I’m afraid my flamenco guitar skills have been collecting dust for many years so I won’t do that to ya


Dave Mech - the king of Tflamenchno :open_mouth:


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