Got shafted by Apple - OS X gurus, halp pls


Long story short, I made the terrible mistake of upgrading to 10.13.6 and now lost functionality to some of my software which was still working in 10.13.2!

Any way to downgrade High Sierra to 10.13.2 without wiping the drive first? I realise this might be impossible because of the spanking new filesystem… but if it is possible, please let me know!

Backing up my drive ATM… If all else fails I’ll wipe the bugger and go back to 10.12 (Cannot upgrade to Mojave because Apple thinks my 2011 MBP is “vintage” LOL)


I don’t think you can go back unless you have an older time machine backup you could revert to.
My 2011 MBP has been on Sierra for ages now. I’ve found it to be extremely stable and it still gets security updates. Might be worth switching back.
I’ve not had any compatibility problems (yet!) but I’m still on older versions of some software - Live 9, Traktor 2 etc.
If it’s not broke… eh.


yeh I know. I was foolish to go High Sierra.

But yeh, no time machine backups, so backto 10.12 it is

Not looking forward to reinstalling all my software though AARGH :zonked:


Aye, it’s never fun.
Good luck!


As a matter of interest, how is your 2011 MBP holding up these days?
Mine still seems in pretty good shape. I’ve got the 17" model.
I did have a hard drive failure a few years ago, but I just replaced with an SSD and bumped the RAM up to 16gb.
I’ve been using gfxcardstatus to force it to use the integrated graphics for a couple of years now. The amount of heat and fan noise when allowing it to use the graphics card makes me nervous.
Hopefully it’ll last another 2 or 3 years. Looking at the prices of new machines makes me feel a little queasy!


Yes, this is true. A MacBook Pro needs to be a ‘Mid 2012’ or newer model in order to run macOS Mojave.

To be fair, seven or eight years old in laptop terms is a long length of time. I think the best thing to do after backing up is to wipe the bugger as you say, and start over with Mac OS X Lion.

Checking 3rd party software compatibility before upgrading is the best way to not shaft oneself again.