Got a MDUW+mk2

I am excited to dive deep into learning them.
I tried searching for any video tutorials but there doesnt seem to be too many other than the tuts from elektron themselves.
Are there helpful resources other then RTFM to learn them easily?
English is not my first language so reading is kind of difficult.

Also, in regards to MD, I learned about this unofficial firmware thing. I’m trying to get it on my MD if it’s safe and stable. Do I use sysex transfer via midi to do that? And is there like a manual for the unofficial firmware that shows what all the new features are and how to use them?

Thanks in advance!


No video shortcuts to learning these machines imo. Just spend a lot of time with them and read the basics. The amount of machines in the MD can be lot at first, so you might want to be strategic a bit if you really want to learn faster.

I’d say chose one engine, maybe even a few but not all of them. So, say 4-5 and just use those for the time being until you understand the MD architecture.

And have fun!


Congrats on the purchase! Those two are a lot of fun! Enjoy!

However, while they’re clearly meant to go side by side and are a VERY powerful setup together, like @Alume was saying, I’d also suggest you limit yourself to a couple of machines on the Machinedrum first. And the new unofficial firmware is AWESOME! Although I loved the MD before, something just clicked for me with the X.04 firmware.

Monomachine is a whole different beast. Two years in I still haven’t really created anything worthwhile with it. :smiley: Luckily I’m in no hurry here.


Gratulations man!
I had a Monomachine one, but sold it.

I made one album with it, and while I did that I got that feeling that one encoder is not 100% right.
I then thought about a service, but anyway, i sold it with € 50,- profit - Who knows whats next to fix.

It’s a special machine, for sure.

Both units can take a bit to get a handle on sound design, so I would recommend alternating how you spend your time with them. Spend an hour making a kit, then spend an hour making music with that kit, then spend an hour making a different kit, etc etc. Learn what controls and parameters are available on every track and how they work (the filter, the AM, the EQ, the LFO and effects)

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The MD is fairly easy to learn. Just try all the machines and you will be forever tweaking.
The MM is something else. You have to rtfm, it’s like a modular system. If you use it like a standard subtractive synth it sounds shit. You need to think outside the box.


Hi, I downloaded the X.04 firmware and I’m trying to transfer it using TM-1 and sysex librarian (can’t use C6 because catalina :frowning: ) but I don’t think my MD is receiving it…
When I click on Midi Upgrade from the bootup menu and start the sysex transfer, MD’s screen just stays on READY TO RECEIVE MIDI UPGRADE.
After a few minutes, it says Upgrade failed and prompts me to restart the system.

I checked to make sure that MD can receive midi without a problem.
TM-1 has blinking LED for OUT when I’m tranfering
Everything should work in theory, but it’s not and I can’t figure out why
Got any clue maybe??

Gonna try this method! Sounds fun and educational, just what I was looking for :slight_smile:

Hmmm, hard to tell what’s the problem… I’m using C6 (and TM-1) but it did take me two or three tries for the MD to receive the sysex completely. I’m sure people have made it work with sysex librarian as well.

Maybe head over to the thread I linked above and ask there? The devs and beta testers of the unofficial firmware have been able to help a couple people there with their upgrade problems.

Congratulations on your acquisitions. There’s a ton of useful information in the machinedrum/monomachine tips and tricks documents that are hosted in the files section of this site. Also have a scour of the old forum.

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Load up the Autechre sysex files pretend youre at the show.

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I’ve been unable to make my TM-1 work on my Mac or Linux box.

I did the X.04 upgrade via a normal speed (very slow) USB MIDI interface.

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…i can feel ur adrennalin even over here… :wink:

link/sync them up…focus only on these two…take a deep breath…take ur time…
it’s only getting better and better, every day…

enjoy ur sonic safari…and hook them to a nice interface and daw…to catch magic moments always right away…
too many lucky dips and happy accidents are waiting for u, u’ll never can return to…
especially in ur first few weeks with them…
so don’t bother to finish anything within these instruments for real…
dive in, get lost and record, record, record…


I just tried it two more times and it finally worked! Not sure what the problem was but it’s solved and I’m not complaining :smile:

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Yesss I have the OT too so I’m going to try to catch some loops and shots up in OT and mess with them even more!

Ooh didn’t even realize there was a file/doc page here till now. Thank you!

one of the two beautifully designed machines…I would venture to say the best design hardwares. Congrats.


A few other suggestions:

Make kits for each “family” of machines, like an all-FM kit and an all-TRX kit, etc. Good way to quickly learn all the different instrument sounds if you start with kits like that.
Also try making a kit of 16 sine machines and tuning them, instant additive ambient

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