[ Goodies ] Elektron Wallpapers, Folders & more




Damn the 2018 folders are sexy affffffff. Real clean and minimal. Love it ! Any digitakt wallpapers?

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Should come yes

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@Naked_Viking, @qlamerand, @Open_Mike, @dyingbeautiesproject, @molokaio, @Ryan : Maybe you can help Guys :wink: Thanks if it’s possible for you

it concern all Nauts and not only the one i mentioned here :wink:


Ooh good idea!
I renew pretty much all my collection so I have now an Analog Heat, an Analog Four mkII, an Octatrack mkII and should receive soon an Analog Rytm mkII.
I’ll give it a try.

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Cool :slight_smile: read the thread carefully especially for the 1st series because i ask to people to declare they will make something, and i have limited this series to 2 people by instruments as it’s more specific than the other 2sd Series which is FREE and with no LIMITS.

Yes I just reread that, sorry.
It will be more for the 2nd series as I’m not even sure I’ll have the time.

No problem feel free :wink: it can be in 2018 :wink:

These are really sweet! Thanks for making them!

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Thanks @Airyck

I know I’m looking a gift horse in the mouth here, but any chance we’ll get a DN update?

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Sure i will do that :wink:

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Yes! Thank you!

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Nice :+1:

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i will post a reply when updated status is done :wink: probably in 2 days at max

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You lied to me… On St. Valentine’s Day…


Haha, just kidding… just a friendly bump.

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Yes you’re right I’m completely late on everything … the deadline that I imposed myself are burnt ! But I don’t forgot… I bump you when it’s done :wink:

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Wow, these are great. Thanks!