Good Dual Delay for synths


Dual delays


I’d just get the dig tbh, its designed for it and strymon are as good as it gets for pedals imo.


I just use two delay pedals :blush:


Vox Delaylab. Amazing Stereo and Dual Delay modes + looper and CV input (5v)


chronoblob 2 in a 4ms-pod


The Dig is a great sounding pedal but the Time Factor also sounds great and just does so much more stuff for not much more money. Just the fact that the TF has MIDI control and presets makes it much better value and more useful for synth work.


I had a DIG briefly. I found that not having proper presets was a pain, as was memorising all the secondary functions etc. And tbh, it didn’t sound as good in practice as I was expecting.

If you’re looking at spending that much money, something interesting like Thyme might be better, orrrr… A Zoia.

I’d also recommend Source Audio though. I have the Ventris and suspect the Nemesis would be just as good.

Whatever you go with, I recommend something with a proper midi connection / implementation, and presets.


Thank you my friend, for the input!


If you dare to go Eurorack…its not Dual but a 16 Tap Stereo Delay combined with a Comb Filter resonator: Intellijel Rainmaker.


Strymon Dig. I’m selling one if you’re interested :slight_smile:


Oh man, I literally came across that just a few days ago. It sounds amazing! Enough to tempt some eurorack toe dipping for sure…

I’ve never done euro rack though - from the little Google search I guess the smallest box that would fit it is 40hp? (the Rainmaker is 36hp I think) plus, would you need anything else except a powered box?


You might need something to adjust levels, you need to amplify non-eurorack signals going in and attenuate euro signals coming out. If you have enough spare ins/outs any mixer or audio interface or the OT can do it. The Rainmaker may have functions to do it, I see theres a gain button top right but I dont know how rainmaker works.

If you get a case, make sure its deep enough, the rainmaker is 44mm and sometimes you need more than that with the power supply.


Free the Tone Future Factory is a sick dual delay!


Buy two.


The DD500 loses its independent A/B duo functionality if used with more powerful delay types.
So, in short, if you want duo delays with one synth then no problem but if you want to run two mono synths with separate delay lines you have to use certain delay types.

How does it sound… amazing! There are so many possibilities with this pedal. I’m no menu diver but with this machine it is rewarding and worthwhile.


not soo sure about the Nemsis. Its good for live use but I do miss the great sounding saturated and filtered and modulated tape delays. I mean it sounds good … but it doesn´t go really wild.
But mayby you can control the wilderness with the digital editor.

If you record your synths into the box … I would recommend Soundtoys Echoboy and / or U-HE Satin and a midicontroler


Check out the Mooer Ocean machine. Dual stereo delays each with a bunch of different modes, plus a reverb and looper, with routing fully configurable, along with patch storage and midi control.

Some issues with it (midi clock, and stereo sound field), but the build quality, screen, interface and hands on nature is great.


I find the Nemesis very musical. Yes it doesnt Go fully crazy Like e.g. the polymoon but playing with the Delay time, Feedback, Filter etc knobs can get you very decent crazy results If needed. And man it Sounds really good!


Did the Ocean Machine eventually get midi clock support?


Ocean Machine midi clock support? unfortunately nope, and the reply I got when I contacted support was that they would pass the info to the dev team. That was a year ago. Mooer’s FB page has people bombing it for the same feature, so they must know its a wanted feature.

Still… easy enough to manually or tap the tempo, but then I do’t use the looper which totally needs it for sequencer marriages.