Global pattern "reset"/ Polymetres

I’ve been going through the manual and getting slightly confused trying to achieve something, which I’m not sure is possible. Can’t find any info…

I’m trying to create evolving beats by using different length tracks that overlap each other for interesting rhythms.

This works lovely until the master gets through 64 steps, then all tracks reset to the “1” and start again. Now I’m unsure where I picked up the idea I can get them to just roll over until I change pattern. I’m also a squarp pyramid user and I know I can definately do it on there, maybe I’ve got crossed wires and just thought this was possible with elektron. Anybody got experience with this? Has my knowledge of both platforms blended to a point where I’m trying to perform functions of one device on a device that doesn’t have that function? Hmm, no worries if this isn’t possible, but something tells me there will be a way…

set a longer Master, possible to set up to 1024 or infinite, but be sure to set the change parameter lower to allow quicker pattern changes (not a DT owner, but that’s the general idea on other boxes)


Yes as Avantronica said, this is the M.LEN parameter. Increase this to set the master length before all patterns reset.

CH.LEN sets the amount of time to wait before a queued up pattern takes to change to. Careful with this because you can turn it off and you’ll never change patterns.


great stuff, thanks for the help, I’ll give this a spin later. Out of interest, did you get this from the manual? I struggled to find anything useful, butthen again I think it’s sometimes a case of knowing the terminology, ie M.Len or Ch.Len. I’ll get there one day but for now I’m immensly grateful for people like yourselves, this is fantastic forum, cheers!

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Yes it’s in the manual but IMO not explained very well for first time users. Took me a while to wrap my head around it. Don’t feel bad!

It’s explained pretty clearly in the Digitakt Notebook too:

Very worthwhile purchase even if you’ve read the manual thoroughly.