Glaive Live at MEMS 09-10-2005


In 2004 the late Ryan Faubion (Actuel) and I started working together and discovered we had a shared interest in electronic music. We quickly acquired Monomachines and, seeing a need for a contemporary Elektron forum (for the time) we started in January of 2005. The site served as the central location for all things Elektron for several years. The Science Lab, for example, was our invention, but it was simply a continuation of a similar concept already happening on the then-current Yahoo group. Later, Elektron HQ launched Elektronauts, which replaced our site, and it has been going strong ever since.

Those of you who have been Elektronauts for a long time might be interested in the EP I have released today, which is a 100% Monomachine SFX-6 performance. Here is what I said about it over on Soundcloud:

“These tracks are excerpts from my performance (as Glaive) at the second Midwest Electronic Music Symposium, which took place in the Murphy Building in Fountain Square (Indianapolis) in September 2005. The music was performed solely on an Elektron SFX-6 synthesizer and recorded directly to digital two track. The Soundcloud tracks have had a dusting of post-production, but the sounds you hear are basically what went down at the event.”

Please enjoy this set of improvised electronic music recorded long ago:

Were you an Elektron-User?

boy does this take me back :wink: likely the first solo MnM i ever heard in person.


The machine was minty fresh at the time!