Gig bag suggestion to carry MKII trinity?


Maybe I’m late at the party but

Any suggestion? Tips? Tricks?


Apart from the new bags they’ve released mate?

Edited- or something for all three?

If it’s he latter it’ll be the same as before -flightcases or bespoke solutions. I’d have thought anyway


D’Oh what bags are you talkin about dude???

I don’t think they released any recently


Couple of months back I think!

They’re really quite nice imho. Kinda camel/sand messenger bag style.

And I think these are cool with the lids on as well! :smile:


No mate, these are not suited for mkII’s


Yeah- that was weird. Releasing two new sized boxes, then release a bag that won’t fit them


Oh really? Well that’s a bit daft isn’t it?

In that case I can’t help mate! The original bags are still on sale in a few UK online stores if that’s useful,if not I’ll go back in my box! :slight_smile:


So what are those bags intended for? They all nice and all, but that’s pretty steep for a bag to take my sarnies to work!


Elektron Veterans, I suppose. Elektron appear to be shifting their branding to a different style(I kinda like the new style, though)(not their flagship boxes, though)(except OT2)


New bags also have a divider to fit DT and AH!


Pass me the popcorn, I was waiting for this thread to appear ever since they announced the new mk II analog form factors…


Ah OK. I really dig the new bags, but can’t bring myself to buy one.

My other half wouldn’t bat and eyelid at spending a ton on a handbag. Then again, I’m sure she thinks along similar lines when I buy a sampler that costs over a grand!


I have the AK bag, and 2 of the old style (with lid) ones for my OT mk2 and Monomachine. If my Rytm mk2 ever gets here, I’ll see how it fits in the AK bag. Too bad they discontinued it. I was actually thinking about getting a 2nd one, to hold 3 of the older style machines. It’s a really nice bag, if a big spendy. Think it was $150 or so through PCA.


I think this might be a good option for just a single unit.


I could perhaps sell you mine (mint) :wink:



Hope it’s ok to ask here:
Anyone here who own or have tried the Magma Beatpack L or XL?
I want a good bag for carrying my AR MK2, Ableton Push 2, my New Macbook Pro 15" and a smaller size audio interface. Any idea if the Beatpack L will be sufficient?
I guess I will still have to find some protective bag for my AR or wrap it carefully so the knobs will not get any shocks.


Did you get the Magma in the end? Looking at getting one myself but not sure on why size/range to get. Any photos would be great if you did get one. Travelling with Rytm Mk2 as well.


I didn’t get in no. Bought a very good and inexpensive everyday backpack from amazon which is fine for my needs.


this is great. Im definitely going to nab this.