Gig bag or case for Digitone Keys

Hi people,
I’m moving my DNK a lot in a 49-keys gigbag, which is too big.

What are you using for yours?

This is it, Elektron’s response to your wish!
Elektron Gig Bag EGB-2


Damn, huge bummer that this isn’t available anymore

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Agreed. I’ve got into the habit of buying the cases for my synths. It’s costly, but I want to carry them around sometimes. The fact the DNK case isn’t available puts me off getting a DNK at all.

(to be honest, I can’t decide if I really want a DNK, or if I’m just trying to hoard all the Elektrons :slight_smile: It has a great feature set and sounds interesting, but do I need it for what I want to do? I’m not sure… )

That’s so weird… they quit selling the digi size cases too… I don’t get why they quit selling cases too synth’s they still sell… I’m glad I got one now… maybe it will become a collectors item or something…