Getting Aftertouch to work when using as external keyboard


I am currently trying to use the digitone keys as an external keyboard for a hydrasynth, everything is working ok except for the aftertouch and for the life of me I can’t figure it out. works fine on the hydrasynth pads but can’t figure out how to get it work with the digitone keys, any help is appreciated.

Have you enabled AT on the midi track? It’s on the SYN1 page when in midi mode :slight_smile:

Yes! I did, it’s currently on which is why I am perplexed if I cam missing something.

Is the aftertouch on the DTK monoAT or PolyAT? If it’s mono you have to set your Hydrasynth patches to MonoAT in the Voices menu.


Just found what @Peter118 mentioned. I think that’s the issue. From their site:

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Awesome, I will try this out shortly, thank you guys

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That’s exactly what I meant, Craig

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This worked guys! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it.


Have fun!

Good teamwork, @craig :slight_smile:

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