Getting a buzzing sound only when Overbridge is on

Hey guys,

I just bought the AR last night and when I launch OverBridge, I can hear everything just fine but there is a loud buzzing, like a sawtooth waveform that won’t go away. Has anyone had this issue? When I disable OB the buzzing stops. I’ve tried restarting the AR, updating the OS again, Calibrating the AR…nothing works.

Same thing here!

Same here. Mine was a loud pronounced high pitch whine. This is actually the reason that I just gave up on overbridge. Tried everything: removed and reinstalled OB, updated the synths, tried different cables and ports (through a hub and direct to PC). Happened on both my AK and AR. Now I just use the USB port for updates. Not a huge problem for me personally, as I have my entire rig designed to operate without a computer, but I would like to be able to explore OB a bit. Maybe in future updates.

got same problem, so i asked elektron bout it, and they answered:

“Open the Overbridge Control Panel and enable or disable any channel from the Rytm. This should get rid of the issue.”

and guess what? it helps!!!
also spent some time searching for control panel, and it’s a separate app, you can find it in start> apps> elektron

For the usb/noise/overbridge issue.

Try this boys and girls:

Put the setting in your A4 on usb/midi only and start overbridge control panel.
In channel config inputs switch off your main inputs and after this set your A4 in overbridge mode.
For me the noise was gone after I did this. Now you can select the channels you want again in the overbridge control panel.

Hope this will work for you to
Grtzz Glenn

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Thanks for the Reply…I actually contacted Elektron support about this and they also said to turn off the main inputs in the Control Panel and then turn them back on. This solved my problem.

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it helps?? or gets rid of it completely?@sleepytm

It completely solves the problem. You only have to do it once.

nice one, thankyou!

No problem :smile:

brilliant thanks a million guys :slight_smile:

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I know I’m sounding like a d*ck when I say this, but you guys check the overbridge subforum for overbridge related issues, right?

Hey guys,
since yesterday I allways get a pulsing noise from my Rytm running Overbridge The noise stops when I switch off the rythm.

This suggested fix will not work for me because I can´t find the switches in overbridge control pannel annymore to swizch channels on and off.

Has anybody some ideas on how to fix that?

Just used a gate effekt in Ableton Live. That will not fix the problem but it works. Anyway I´m still interested on how to fix that.

The standalone Overbridge desktop app for AR has the Audio Capture menu for audio input and monitor settings. It’s located if you click that tape cassette icon (next to the keyboard icon) on the upper-right window of the app. It’s also worth checking out the Options of the stand-alone app to toggle the Active Input Channels for Main L+R and to make sure all of your driver info settings are correct.

Thanks for the hint. But this doesn’t fix it. Switched all inputs on and off. But still the same noise level. I never had that before . Seems to be related to the update to 2…0.37.3.

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Sorry bud. Certainly is a head scratcher. I’m hoping someone else who has experienced this problem recently can weigh-in for their fix. The previous solution seems to be out of date for our current version of OB. I sympathize with the frustration of using the noise gate for this problem. Don’t give up.

I have the same problem, a steady (white?) noise when using overbridge in ableton coming from the Rytm.
Only way to stop it is turning of Rytm

I still found no solution. Really annoying. A gate will help but this is just a quick and dirty fix. Hope they will fix that soon

was just reading the thread when i found the settings option of the Analog Heat OB Interface - my default driver was Windows. I changed it to AISO and the problem disappeared. Hope it helps somebody.