Get ready…

anyone got the live stream link?
I can’t find it in the sea of posts :sleepy:

Since the Samples came with adapters for different international power outlets, I assume it’s safe to buy myself a Cycles when I’m in the US in a couple of weeks and use it here in Norway? The price difference is almost €90, not accounting for US sales tax.

(Don’t know that much about voltage and such, it’d be a shame to fry the machine when I first plug it in.)

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I think the conclusion was that only the US event, taking place in about eight to nine hours or so, is live-streamed, not the one in Berlin. But a lot of contradicting info in the thread, not 100% sure.


yea just found it.
streaming in like 9 hours from the US of A


Looks punk af, fits the rugged aspect of those machines. I dig

Just use an adaptor to change to Norway’s configuration - I’m assuming that it’s like the European one. I recently bought a MacBook Air in the US (for the same reasons) and it works just fine here in France :slightly_smiling_face:

Edit: and my European Digitone worked just fine the other way round when I took it to the US

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Will it be up after the live stream still? It’ll be over by the time Im done work

Personal disappointment. Where’s my Analog Waves ?

Really not that far of a leap. Right? Double the tracks add individual outs and you are almost there. Almost like a cross between MD and AR.

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God I want TRIG+YES so much.

Well, after listening to the surprisingly good demo tracks and watching a couple of Youtube vids about it, I think I’ll order one at Easter. It should be a nice little partner for my Digitakt.

The flexibility of assigning any machine to any track and per step sold it to me.
There’s nothing like the Elektron sequencer.


Was thinking the same thing, the sound reminds me the ER-1 but better

The Form Factor and the Sequencer too.

Only thing really holding me back is that audio sums to only two tracks even over USB, otherwise I’d buy this as soon as I has the cash for it. As it stands I’ll probably wait for a price drop or for it to show up on the used market, but it definitely sounds cool as hell and pretty versatile for as few parameters as it has.

From the manual :

Machine locks are a specific type of parameter locks that lets you change machine on any step of the sequencer. This powerful feature makes it possible to use several machines on the same sequencer track.


… Just mute the tracks and record them one by one in layers? :slight_smile:


Fuuuuuu 15:28…sounding gooood.

It looks like the chance p-locks are by 1% increments? (Am I seeing that correctly?)
Could this be done for the other boxes. Not a fan of the preset % values.

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Are any of the US retailers sending their supplies out before 4-2-2020?

I haven’t inquired but Perfect Circuit lists theirs as “in stock and ready to ship”

Please make your way to the official Model:Cycles thread to continue the discussion