Get a Behringer Deep Mind 12? Or something else?

So, I’m thinking about getting a secondary synth. I already have a DSI Prophet–which I’m very happy with, so I’m not looking for anything too expensive. Just a other keyboard to reach for when live jamming, you know?

So the Behringer Deepmind 12 came to mind. I started looking around the internet, and the reviews are pretty good, and the youtube videos of people playing it sound pretty impressive… but then you get to the forums and everyone seems to actually LOATHE and hate it.

I don’t get it. What am I missing? Is it just brand name snobbery, or is this thing a total turd when you actually get your hands on it?

Any input from people who own it / have owned it in the past, would be greatly appreciated.

Also appreciated: any suggestions for other synths I should consider.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

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There are super cheap second hand Sub37 or A4 out there at the moment, you might want to consider these cause they are ace synths :slight_smile:

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Yup, already picked up a dirt cheap A4 the other day actually, so I’m very happy about that. But the A4 isn’t something you just reach for and play with those little pocket calculator keys. :slight_smile:

Anyhoo, are the Sub37s that cheap nowadays? That’s pretty cool. I would’ve expected used Moogs to be almost as expensive as a new one. :slight_smile:

900€ used, where I live.
And get yourself a keystep to play with the A4, would be the first move IMO :smiley:

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I had a DM12. I only really sold it due to space issues - sorely tempted to jump back on board with the module. That plus my OT would be a nice combo.

It’s a great synth and at some of the new/2nd hand prices I’ve seen a must have in my opinion. The interface is intuitive, the FX can be excellent and, from my experience at least, it was built like a tank.

Folks liked to hate on it on forums largely due to the Behringer name. Particularly on Gearslutz. Come to think of it, DM12 attracted a similar sort of reaction from some that Elektron’s DT did with folks pouncing heavily on any build issues giving the impression of gigantic wider problems. Put all that guff to one side and you’re left with a very capable and fun synth.


I know right. That’s the impression I’ve gotten from the youtube videos. Sounds amazing. And 12 voice polyphony for $800 bucks. Come on, must be a no-brainer right? :slight_smile:

What about the dreaded fan? That’s one of the things that make me hesitate.

Which DSI Prophet do you have? Prophet Rev 2, Prophet 12, Prophet-6?

I would recommend to ask yourself, what new sound the new keyboard should add to your setup. If it’s the DM12, so be it. But what about a monophonic instrument with very different sound? There are plenty instruments from Korg, Moog, Roland, or boutique manufacturers like Dreadbox, Vermona, or Analogue Solutions , which could add a special vibe to your sounds.

I also don’t get it that people “hate” instruments. Well, if the instrument was crap and everybody only had issues, that would be obviously a reason. I think, Behringer did some business in the past, which created some dislike by disappointment. But those guys hating the DM12 forget, who is building the synths … it’s a well respected team at Midas.

Talking about snobs … I hope I will find the right words now …

Sometimes I have the impression that there are people, who own or want an “original”, which might be expensive sometimes and is revered much. IMO sometimes they try to gain appreciation from others to hail the holy grail. And now somebody dares to put a “copy” on the market, which might be cheaper, might be even equal in many aspects compared to their holy grail … the succeeding reaction reminds me often of a religious community, which fights against the heathens :wink:


I have the Prophet Rev2-16. It’s not that I’m looking for a particular sound to add – If I were rich, I’d be probably be happy with getting another Prophet – it’s more about having more sounds readily available while live jamming.

I might have a really nice pad on the Prophet, some Arps and Bass on the A4, Digitakt and the Tempest doing drums, the Virus TI2 doing virus things, and on top of that I might want to quickly reach for another synth for atmospheric ambient sounds, or maybe melodies… And that synth might be a DM12…

Something like that. Am I making any sense here? :slight_smile:

I never really got the fan issue myself. On standard settings, yeah the fan is noticeable slightly. But you can adjust the settings safely to make it near inaudible. It’s not the sort of unit that heats up in a studio setting.

I’m sure there was good reason for building it in but doesn’t seem to heat up enough to me. Anyway, if it’s your main concern then I can say it really is a minimal thing when using in the flesh.

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Right. Thanks for the info. Good to know the fan is not a big deal.

Isn’t the Prophet Rev2 sound wise too close to the DM12? If you have the Virus too, you have two mighty polyphonic instruments already in your setup.

What about to complement this with a Moog of the Phatty series, or a Moog Minitaur? If you like to play live and like to do some life work out, why not check out the Arp Odyssey. I connected with the Odyssey the second it was online in the studio and couldn’t stop playing.

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Well… Might be a personal flaw of mine, but I always feel like I’m getting ripped off when considering monosynths. It seems like so much money for something that can’t play a chord, you know? And I don’t want anything without patch memory. That would just be unusable for me. But sure, a Moog Subsequent 37 is a teeeny weeeny bit tempting, I have to admit. :slight_smile:

But, yeah, you are correct in that the DM12 would be somewhat similar to what I already have. But then again, I like what I have. :slight_smile:

Got a deep mind 12 and I love it.

But I have been telling myself ima upgrade to a prophet at some point.

More into knobs than sliders. And I also don’t like the fact there’s so many efx lol. I feel like it’s a big part of the sound design for better or worse.

I only paid like 650 for it though and even if I get a prophet I’d hope I’d keep it for jamming with friends.

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Oh man, monosynths are so fun! In my opinion the only reason to skip out on a great new monosynth is if you have too many already. Having played a Moog Model D at GAK (and not having £3500), I’ve had my eye on the Behringer clone. Ever since they announced the Neutron my attention has shifted. I really like semi-modular, I find them really inspiring for creating weird patches and then sampling with DT. It’s all analogue so no memories, that might be a deal-breaker for you. Or it could force you to make something fresh each time you use it, and apply some pressure to record the things you really like.


Right I gotcha. It’s kinda the same thing on the Virus. They tend to use way to many effects on the sounds on the factory patches. Luckily you can easily turn them off. :slight_smile:

Anyways, great to hear that you’re so happy with your DM12. I really like the ambient feel I get when I listen to the demo. Sounds modern.

( Unlike the awful Prophet demos which make it seem like “The Final Countdown” brass is the height of sound design. :slight_smile: Luckily the Prophet is a monster and you can just disregard those bad factory patches.)

As has been suggested there would be some similarities soundwise between the Dm and Rev 2, plus you can only have so many hands to play with when jamming :slight_smile:

I’m trying to politely say you’ll not get as good a sound as what you have already.

I’d agree with some of the suggestions here that you could try something different like a Sub 37 or maybe something from Analogue Solutions, that would cover off the bass nicely then you can jam away with the Rev 2.

How about a Leipzig-k? Good for percussion and bass?

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Yeah, all that modular stuff if a no-go for me. So apart from that, what would you say is the big appeal of monosynths? Is it just that it sounds phatter? Because lemme tell ya, when I turn on mono, on the Prophet, turning it into a 32 oscillator, 16 sub-oscillator, 6 envelope monster, it’s pretty phat. :slight_smile:

I don’t want to talk you out of the DM12 … but let me play advocat of diabolo for the monosynths … :wink:

If we consider the strenths of monosynths, we often get very versatile single voices (okay if we compare to polysynths in the same price range). Just compare the specs of the synth engine of a Prophet Rev2-16 with the synth engine of a Matrix Brute (should both be about €1900,-, give-and-take.)

Such a Subseq 37 is a very versatile istrument (I got the Sub 37) and it has a character, which can’t created by a Prophet (have this too), or a DM12 (don’t have it myself). It’s not only the Moogy-sound, it’s particularly a different sound palette.

Maybe it’s only me, but I see this like a painter. The more colors I can use, the more I can express myself :wink:

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Analog Solution and those guys don’t have keyboards, which is a must. Plus they’re modular, which I don’t want.

But yeah, I probably should try out a Moog Subsequent 37 before making any decision.

I’ve a rev 2 16 also and never use it for bass, I use the minimoog, Treadstone and Fusebox for Bass. They just do it better.
Although this won’t be a popular opinion here :), I found the Analog 4 poor for bass and soundwise in general. But then maybe I didnt put in enough effort due to the amount of menu diving.

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