(GER/EU) FS: Allen & Heath Qu-Pac, some Rackgear & Eurorack Modules

Hey all :slight_smile:

I’m downsizing the studio a little…

Please PM me if you’re interested, got any questions or want to see more pictures, I’m also happy to talk to you on the phone :slight_smile:

Studio is smoke & pet free.

Item: Sequentix Cirklon

Description: Sequencer - you know what it is

Including: Invoice, PSU, Original Packaging, Printed Manual, 8GB SD Card (if wanted), My Instrument Definitions (if wanted)

Condition: Like New, First Owner, Less than 1 year old, was used maybe 20-30 times (in studio only), there are a few microscratches on the display but these are so fine that I was not even able to catch them with the camera.

Price: SOLD

Item: Allen & Heath Qu-Pac

Description: Mixer - Check this thread: Finally, the perfect mixer? [Allen & Heath QuPac]

Including: PSU, rack ears

Condition: First Owner, Used, Some sticker rests on the front I didn’t manage to remove, studio use only, everything else is like new

Price: 960€

Item: Elektron Analog Rytm

Description: Drummachine

Including: PSU, Original Packaging, Soundpacks, Samples

_Condition: First Owner, some damaging on the letter print at 4 places _
display a bit burnt and laggy - might get better when leaving it on for several days, also elektron might be willing to replace it, it’s totally usable, I made video of it (PM me), Rytm has a burned LCD,
everything else is like new

Price: SOLD

Item: Dynacord DRS 78

Description: Delay/Reverb Unit from the 70s, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xxkO1yKA_oY

Including: Power Cable

Condition: Used, a bit noisy, could use a service at some point

Price: 350€

Item: Korg DVP-1

Description: Vocoder - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ufs5gFuEwy0

Including: Power Cable, Printed Manual

Condition: Used, Everything seems to work fine

Price: SOLD

Item: Roland JV880

Description: Rack-Synthesizer, great sound, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6LSBEd5D1xg

Including: Power Cable, PCM Card

Condition: Used, Everything seems to work fine

Price: 150€

Item: Yamaha MJC8

Description: Midi Patchbay

Including: Power Cable

Condition: Used, fully functional, some scratches and sticker marks on the display

Price: 100€

Item: Fostex model 2016

Description: Rack Mixer

Including: Power Cable

Condition: Used, fully functional

Price: 100€

Item: AKAI S2000

Description: Rack Sampler

Including: OS, Power Cable, Extra Harddrive

Condition: Used, Everything seems to work fine

Price: 75€

Item: Doepfer A110-1 VCO + A-140 ADSR + A114 Ring Mod. + A-138bv Mixer

Description: Basic Eurorack Modules - Standard VCO, Envelope Generator, Dual Ring Modulator, Audio Mixer

Including: Power Cables

Condition: Used but in good shape, Rack Rash

Price: 250€

Shipping Conditions:

  • I’m shipping via DHL.
  • No shipping cost for Germany.
  • Shipping to EU is 20€.
  • Pickup in Augsburg, Bavaria is also possible.

Payment Methods:

  • Bank Transfer
  • PayPal (friends & family / goods mode with fees split between you and me)
  • Cash on Pickup



LoL 2,5k für ne Cirklon, klär das mal mit dem FA, daß da keine Gewinnerzielungsabsicht hinter steckt… , nenene

ähm ich habe mich nur an den eBay-Preisen orientiert… Hab den Cirklon über ein halbes Jahr benutzt und geliebt aber möchte jetzt reisen gehen und habe einfach keine Zeit mehr für das Studio. Warum sollte ich ihn jetzt für weniger verkaufen als alle anderen?

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yo, alles gut

all prices dropped

No… don’t worry about what others tell you. 18 month waiting list. Production has not picked up at all. A good friend just sold his for GBP 2,400 mint. But you should keep it… its a BEAST :smiley:

too late :smiley: I hope I won’t regret it so badly

Rytm sold
Qu-Pac price drop

DVP-1 sold