Gating a track with another track?

I want to use a track to rhythmically gate another track.
As you would do with trigs on a thru machine with short AMP settings on external input, but with an internal track. I couldn’t find a way with a Thru machine, as you can only select external sources. Neighbor machines don’t seem to handle this neither (by the way, does any parameter in Neighbor machine’s AMP page do anything at all ??).
The only way I can think of is to cue a track and use physical cables to route it to a thru machine. Which is not really possible in my case.

No. They shouldn’t be apparent.

Instead of a Thru, you can use a Flex that plays the orignal track recording. Add trigless to gate / retrigger Amp envelope, or use an Exp lfo on VOL.

You can replace all machines by a Flex + recorders.


Is there a way to have the playhead following the recording head ? The way I’ve set it (16 step pattern, with a Rec Trig on step 1, ONE mode), it’s always playing the previous bar.
Thanks !

Well, I can’t seem to make work.
Trigless Trig don’t trigger the AMP envelope.

Set amp env behaviour to R+T


Damn, that’s one of the many cases where you totally miss it when you read the manual slightly too fast.
Thank you !
No idea what R+T stands for.

That’s cool, it’s working.
Now to figure out why it’s impossible to re-pitch the sampled track.

Also, there is something very specific that I want to achieve without success, if you don’t mind me asking.
My final goal is to have my sequence on track 1 (16 steps) to be gated by a sequence of p-locked envelopes running freely, but let’s say 11 steps, so it adds variation to the “gating”.
The way it is now (track 1 recorder recording 16 steps on step 1 and track 2 playing RECORDING 1), doesn’t work because there need to be a “solid” trig on step 1 of track 2. But I don’t want the recorded sample to be re-trigged each 11 steps…I can’t make the recording loop (I guess it’s normal)…Get it ?

Microtime the recorder trig (-1/384) or the playback trig (+1/384)


How? Trig conditions?

You can use several rec trigs (16 for ex), and place 16 trigs on T2.
Or you can use 1 rec trig as you did, and place 16 trigs on T2 with different start points : 0,8,16,24,32,etc…

I mean the background loop is 16 step long but the gating pattern is 11 step long.

Not a problem as long as recorder’s rec trigs are on gating track, having same length.

Edit tested, worked.
Several rec trigs corresponding to flex trigs, +1 microtiming. You can use swing 51 on all steps instead of microtiming.

You can pitch up if there is no microtiming or swing, but the recording comes from previous rec trig, hence delayed. Interesting btw!


Ha, nice! I was trying to figure this one out, but the sage wins again!
I was too focused on how to do it while recording the whole pattern!

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Thru is nothing.
Flex is everything. :pl:


…and there is no spoon. :elot:

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No spoon, but endless encoders…


Now you made me lust for a white russian this early in the morning … :rofl:


Indeed :slight_smile:
Interesting problem, and nice technique

Yep. I used I on 3 duplicated gated track, 1 pitched down, one normally, one up.
Shifted trigs with Fn+arrow, different pan.

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Well, I’m sorry, but I can’t make it work (the polyrhythm gating).
To summarize the issue :
How would you gate a 16 step sequence (or loop, but not static) by a 11 step gating pattern ?

EDIT : I think I figured it out and it’s damn nice :
16 step sequence playing on T1, T1 is muted.
T2 recorder set to listen to T1.
One record trig on T2 step 1, microtimed -1/384 otherwise the whole pattern will not be synced to T1.
Now put one solid trig on step 1, so it’s always synced with the record trig. Set R+T in the AMP setting page. You can now set trigless trigs to gate the signal from T1 and change the sequence length.