Gated Reverb in AR... How?


I’ve been trying to create this effect entirely in the AnalogRytm, without satisfaction.
Specially, I’m trying to get it on the Clap, but didn’t have success trying to get it on the snare or toms either.
Anyone have a genius theory or recipe how to do this???


The vibe I’m going for is the kind Kate Bush has going on at the opening of Hounds of love.


Listening to the track it sounds a bit like the famous “gated reverb” effect created by Peter Gabriel (and engineers), popularised by Phil Collins and subsequently abused throughout the ‘80s.

If that’s what you’re after, there was a thread asking for it in 2015 but nowt since. Maybe that request is a good one to revive, too. I think it sounds great and if it’s good enough for our Kate, it’s good enough for the rest of us!

Also, there’s a good SoS article here that describes the signal path and might inspire something equivalent using clever routing and an LFO. My Rytm is out of commission otherwise I’d have a go at it as well.

Either way, best of luck with your quest. I’ll be watching this thread eagerly.


Yes I thought about a Gated Reverb too.
I can’t see any relation with Talk Back Mike…

Easy to set up with fx track, plocks on reverb VOL.
Maybe an Exp Lfo on clap VOL to give more punch before reverb. Max Reverb Send.
Unfortunately AR compressor don’t go through reverb.


Ah. I was getting my memories crossed. Changes made to topic titles.

I didn’t overlook Reverb entirely. Made use of the shelving frequency, shelving gain and LPF. But only thought of it as secondary to the compression, when Reverb should have been priority.
For the Compressor I’ve been using it’s SEQ set to LPF, which I suppose is a kind of gate effect? Messed around with the FX LFO using a fading in MOD set to ONE shot.
I guess it’s just a matter of finding the sweet spot. Which is my excuse for spending a few hours on it overnight, and getting nowhere :confounded:

I wasn’t remembering it’s origin scenario correctly. I thought it was the studios talkback mike that created the effect.