FX design: Suck in?


Looking for some sound design tips. I want to suck in a sound - like if you were to draw in a quick breath and hold it. I’ve tried the obvious filtering but its not what I’m looking for. A filter with like an inverse logarithmic Q maybe??? Idk what Im talking about…

Any tips? Thanks in advance.


reverse the sample ? :smiley:


Maybe I didn’t get your idea …

when I sucked in my breath a couple of times and listened to it, I had the impression that the sound goes from low to high, like as if a high pass filter is sweeping from low to high, and it was strong at the beginning and weak at the end. Well it was a reversed breath, after all :wink:

This could possibly be faked with a noise source, a LP, and two ADSR … ? :wink:


Thank you!

Not a bad idea to reverse a sample of opening a filter. I’ll try that!

Its the end suction Im missing I guess. Like this squeezing of the sound. Having a high Q is ok but that upwards curve is incongrous in this case (im not literally trying to emulate an inhale).


why not sample yourself sucking in. process it and layer it with synthesis.


Im trying to effect the sound that way. Like if i were doing that to the sound as opposed to air…

Maybe the title is confusing.


One tip is to use something like sonic visualizer to analyze a sample you make of sucking in air. This can help you pinpoint certain characteristics of the audio event which will help you when synthesizing the sound.


2 sounds layered maybe. one lpf sweep, the other hpf sweep, and compression.


Yeah. That sounds interesting. Thanks!


a classic trick is to reverb the sound , reverse it , play it before the actual sound.
but the other advice is probably more useful.
if you can post an example of what you are trying , it’ll help a great deal.


Yeah I feel reverb is a key ingredient here and ive been reversing the mix and time but maybe its “play it before the sound”. What do you mean, like start the reversing process (time or mix or…?) before the sound is played?


make the noise , reverb it , reverse it.

trigger the reversed noise and then the real noise.

or different versions , reverse the noise , reverb it ,
trigger the normal one + reversed reverb noise at the same time.

i’s guess its a high passed pink noise with slow attack , but i’m not techy brain head for things like this.


I think just before you get to the event it’s “sucking in” too, you kinda get a vaccuum because the pressure is equalising - i.e. the amplitude/filtering drops off?

Of course, you could just sample something that sucks* and then EQ and add effects to that until it sounds good.

  • Pitbull maybe? (I make JOKE!)

  • entire genre’s of music including ones that use autotune


Try layering your sound with some white or pink noise with a slow attack and filter to taste?

Oh. Already mentioned. Heh.


I do this with vocals and it works great🙂