FX Control Channel

I was messing around with the Digitakt midi when I found this. I looked up the manual but there wasn’t much explanation:

FX CONTROL CH selects the dedicated MIDI channel that is associated with the parameters on the
DELAY and REVERB parameter pages, both for input and output. If configured as OFF, parameter
data are neither sent nor received via MIDI.

Can I use this midi channel to play with the parameters of Reverb/Delay, Like automation and such?
Do I need to do the midi out and back in trick is this by default enabled?

This channel allows an external device to control the DT’s effects parameters using MIDI messages.


What, FX Control CH is a thing?

Does the loopback thingy cause crashes nowadays?

This is yuge.

As of v1.06 (February 2018).


Hi, I still didn’t get what it does. Can somebody explain plz? To which setting does it have to be when doing midi loopback?