FX chain order


Hi - I am wondering if there’s any specific rule of thumb for stacking up Octatrack FX? Does the order of FX matter? If yes, what’s the correct order? Let’s say I have a thru or a flex track with FX1 = Filter FX2 = Reverb and a neighbor track with FX1 = Compressor FX2 = Delay. Is there any difference or profit if I swap Filter slot with Compressor slot? I’ve heard that is common to follow a specific order when stacking up guitar pedal effects (eg. EQ->Compressor->Delay). Does it also apply for OT FX chain?


Nothing “applies” to anything ever…especially to the OT. :slight_smile:

More helpfully: you can do whatever you want. The guitar path i think is common to get a distinct tone into the delay first.

But shoot if you want to filter that reverb go ahead and fiter the reverb.


Vaporwave = tons’ o reverb > compressor


I kind of like having delay before any kind of overdrive. Gives the repeats some evolving quality when they’re driven differently than the initial sound. Also overdrive after a resonant filter is really good too I think. But huh, when these personal go-to preferences are not working for the greater good, I’m sure gonna be switching things around. No rules only tools.