Futuresonus Parva


Apparently it is going to sell for around $1k USD. Looks pretty nice so far.

That does look pretty sweet!
8 note polyphony & Analog, 4 LFO, & Master USB port will appeal to a lot of people!
Shame it doesn’t have inputs to run external audio thru the Filters.
That screen is sexy too!!!

I’m very interested. Always wanted a 3 OSC analog, but was never willing to pony up too much $.
As a 3 OSC mono, this seems a bit more capable than the Pulse 2 in the modulation department.

This would be very fun sequence with the MonoMachine’s 6 midi tracks.
CV Input would have made it top contender for A4’s 5th voice.

$499 for the Mono.
$100 for each additional voice, but a steal at $999 for the 8 voice

Something for lots of budgets. Waiting/wanting to see more enclosure photos. Wish it were an inch and a half shorter to fit into my case, but if it sounds right I’ll happily make space somewhere for it.

In the Gearslutz thread, the developer is saying 5 year warranty.

Apples to oranges.

I’ve come very close to pledging for the full 8 voices. Going to give it some time before deciding., I want to see and hear more but have had my eye on this since it broke out into the public a couple of months back. I love what I’ve heard so far.

Yea, the Prava is by no means a dream synth. It appears to be very full featured for the price and form factor, though none of the audio demos have people waxing on and on.
It’s great on paper. 3 OSC, 3 LFOs, expandable voice hardware at a very low price.

It has my interest piqued mostly because I’m looking for the most sensible solution for MonoMachine’s 6 midi sequencer channels.

I really want to hear what it can do for deep bass, and I want to hear more 3 OSC demos. In the end, a used Pulse 2 may suit me more, but this is new and shiny and still has some mystery yet to reveal of itself.

The Parva has some great features. I really hope it gets funded on Kickstarter, or Futuresonus finds some other way to produce it if it doesn’t. It’s only a little more than half the way to a $50k goal by the end of the month.

I might pick up a t shirt to show support, even though I’m not in the market for another analog right now. It would be nice to have in the future as I enjoy playing keys and this actually has enough voices to play with two hands.

This definitely has my attention. I’m in the market for an analogue poly, primarily for pads. Was about to pull the trigger on a Prophet 08 desktop, but I’m not the hugest fan of the bright ‘n’ brassy DSI/Curtis thing … demos on this thing are enticing. Not sure if I’d be brave enough to throw down cash before a few units are out and I see a few reviews, though.

And that’s not to say that it can’t do bright ‘n’ brassy:

very close to ordering one. for anyone on the fence, i sent a message to futuresonus about being able to upgrade the $499 single voice version to the $999 8 voice and you will be able to do so at the discounted rate as long as you pay the difference before they ship.

Pretty rad, just a couple days left- I really want to pair this with the OT’s 8 midi tracks seems like a perfect marriage :slight_smile:

They’re about to ship these to Kickstarter supporters.

Rumor is the retail prices won’t be any different. $499 for mono, $999 for 8 voice poly. Not bad at all for 3 OSC DCO with 2 VCFs, 4 LFOs and 4 ENVs.

8 voice multi timbral too :wink: perfect little buddy for OT. I spoke to the guy and he said sequencer and arpeggiator are coming asap in os update and also there’ll be some more videos soon to coincide with release. Very interested…

whoa, seriously? wow.
that has all the specs.

I continue to be amazed by the pricing for 8 voices. I’m excited by the possibility this could force or interest some others to compete at this price point.

Yeah me too. 8 outputs, small footprint, loads of internal modulation routing… If this thing is stable with decent build, has a nice vibe and the guy continues to develop and tweak it I think it could be a game changer as far as bang for buck goes. I’m excited to see videos/user feedback. I have a mfb dominion 1 on order and can’t wait to get my hands on all that vintage vibe and ‘knob per function’ goodness, but this thing has a ton of potential as a Poly and for multi-timbral. Hoping to have both some time next year and that’ll be me sorted for synths for a very very long time…

They’re shipping to backers now.

I’m quite curious as to how the onboard sequencer in the upcoming OS update will function.

Yeah been keeping track on this one too. Keen to see some videos start to appear…

Had been planning on getting a Prophet 6 - probably desktop - in 2016, but tbh depending on user feedback and demos on the Parva that might change … could easily get myself a Sub 37 TA with the money I’d save.

After a few disappointing demos, this one reminded me of why I was interested in the Parva in the first place:


Not sure I’ll have the patience to wait on the second batch to be built and shipped, though.

I’m not convinced yet… That track sounds pretty uninspiring to me? I could get those sounds down 99% in sunrizer on an iPad or possibly even improve on them in Diva in a daw. I’m not feeling any of the instant vibe I get from the MFB Dominion 1 demos etc. The whole promotion on the Parva is weird. Almost like they don’t actually want people to hear/see it in action. I’m still hoping some more interesting demos etc appear soon tho as the specs on paper are perfect and at a great price…

Anyone listen to this in headphones?
I hope the high pitched squeel throughout the clip is the result of a poor recording chain and not the instrument itself.

If you listen at 12:08, it sounds like the instrument, as it goes away with the note, while other recording noise persists.