Future machines

I just realised there is no dedicated machine for tom drum. There is on the AR, it’s odd this was not included here also.
I guess toms are possible using some of the other machines? Not played around with them yet, but maybe the PC Carbon is the machine to use for this?

Also I would have liked there to be some of the physical modelled machines from MD, it would be great if more machines would be added in future.

BTW, I am not complaining as such, I think the Syntakt is a great device and I’m looking forward to using it in my workflow. Just thought it would be interesting to talk about machines that are not there.

Sample playback.


But would it make sense? I mean you can pair it with a digitakt, M:S or any sampler.

Many would say this marks an improvement.


try to use the kick machine for tom


Haha! Still I though not including at all is odd, toms are very common. Even a new digital tom would have been nice.

Yes, occupying twice the space.

Sorry, It was a bit of a cheeky request anyway. Wouldn’t be surprised if it never happens. One-shot pitched sample playback (like M:S) would be nice, but there would be a never-ending cascade of requests for slicing, recording, re-sampling, pitch change without tempo change, tempo change without pitch change …

Yes, you are probably right, the synthesis method for toms is very close to that of kicks.
Maybe Carbon machine also? not sure yet what that machine can do.

Sample playback would make sense if you intend to layer the sample with your synth (as in AR) to create one homogonous sound. In this case they must share the same filter, amp envs etc, this can not be achieved with an external sampler.

I can live without the sample playback personally. I will mostly be using this with overbridge in my DAW where I can layer with samples there.

But then it would be so close to a DAW you would complain that it doesn’t have a song mode and many other things.

Sometimes I too wish other brands like elektron would build some kind of DAW in a box that would compete with MPCs or Maschine+.

Be careful what you are wishing for though, as in the end we could also be very deceived by the end result.

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I don’t think we’ll get it, but that would make it pretty killer IMO. Doesn’t even need to sample - just the ability to work with samples.

Question for folks that have worked with Elektron ‘machines’ (i.e. the cycles, MD etc internal machines). Do they not get a bit boring after a while? My worry would be that it’s a bit like having access to a bunch of tweakable presets - or is the sounddesign potential within a machine quite big? Just wondering if in a year we’re going to be tired of the same old sounds. This is what I like about samples, is that I can have whatever kick I want on the digitakt.


It depends how you look at it. They are WAY more flexible and have more variety than classic drum machines such as 808 etc, where you only get a few parameters per sound. But compared to a full synth engine they can feel a little limited after some time yes. I found my AR to be a bit limited sometimes compared to my Tempest. But there are 2 LFOs that can be used as envelopes so that should expand the capability of the machines in many ways, plus when you use the filter and amp envelopes, you can get quite a big range of sounds out of each machine. So I would say in my experience is that they are slightly limited but only slightly, for the most part you will get lots of scope.
Plus, let us not forget the benefits of having pre-configured machines. They are incredibly fast to work with as you do not need to manually set up modulation etc.


there is not any kit concept in this new device,only track,and sound lock already blur the boundaries of track,so don care any 808,909 tradition

Makes sense.

What would be incredible is if these machines were modular in some way - bit like creating programmes on something like an Empress Zoia - a bunch of tools you can combine in unique ways to make your own machines.

I actually like the opinionated aspect of machines, but I feel like I’d often be wanting something from another machine in the machine im currently using - Im a bit spoilt having gotten used to Eurorack…

I forget which machine I heard in a demo but I instantly thought one of them was great for toms. Did you listen to all of them?

Yeah, I get that.
The dual VCO is actually deceptively flexible. If you can not get the option you wanted from a machine it is often possible with the dual VCO.


Watched a few YouTube videos, Loopop, Cuckoo etc. Not sure I have heard all the machines in great detail yet though (until I get to play with it)
I am sure toms would be entirely possible, but to me, it is strange not to have a dedicated machine for toms.

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Dave Mech has Tom’s in his demo SYNTAKT is here! And it Rocks // First track 100% Syntakt - YouTube

Looks like it’s track 3 triggering them so that’s definitely a machine I think right?

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I wonder which machine he used?
I suspect the Carbon machine will be a sort of all-purpose drum percussion machine, maybe.

Yo @DaveMech what machine did you use for the Toms in your demo?