Function button stuck to ON, live set in 2 days. Any ideas?

Analog rytm function key is stuck, keeps being always ON, have a live set in 2 days.

is there anything I can do/is it easy to take the top off and clean it/take off the button to reveal underneath and see if that at least works? happy for any kind of fix - i’ve tried spraying air in, nothing so far

I’ve emailed elektron but if anyone has any help that would be great, thanks

If it’s Mk1 then you can have a look inside to get more of a feel

might be stuck at edges of chassis ? (unlikely with age)

might be worn out / collapsed

might be stuck with sticky residue

whatever you have will dictate solution paths, a collapsed mechanism switch will be toughest to resolve in the short term

search around for discussions like this one whilst you await official feedback

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ah thats great - i took the lid off and its soldered/smt stuff so I gave it a blow from the air duster and its better (ish)

thanks for the prompt response i’ll try lifting it off and cleaning


its not collapsed or stuck, its feels like something inside clogging it/worn etc. the movement is fine

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I had a MK2 A4 [Func] cap key stuck on me - which didn’t spring back readily. I had to pry it off (I used my fingers after no luck with a “padded” nose plier. Eventually the cap came off. I cleaned out both edges of button and body frame of A4 (the top edge had the roughest look), then put [Func] button cap back on. Became quite a bit better after that. Hope it can help someone.

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