FT (UK) Analog Four MK1 for Digitone (or £580)


Bought my A4 mk1 brand new this November, but due to space constraints I’d much rather have a Digitone.

I will post pics later. I will also take the going price of a new DN (£600ish).

I’m based in Northampton, UK. Collection would be easier if we’re just doing a straight swap.





So, I’m moving to London and need something a bit more compact.

This trade would be great if anyone was up for it!


One more bump as I’m keen to save as much space as possible…

The A4 and Digitakt won’t both fit on my new shelf. :frowning:


Check out r beny’s YouTube channel. One of my favourites.

You know a Heat will be next after the DN! They look great as a trio. :heart_eyes:


The heat is cool, but at the minute my dream setup is the DT + DN combo plus a Mother 32 dual rack. Hopefully I’ll have that soon!


I may be interested.
I also work in the city, so if you’ve moved to London, we may be able to arrange a swap.

Can’t commit to anything right now though since I need to check out some details about the A4 first.
Just discovered how good the DN sequencer is compared to the DT one when it comes to the MIDI tracks, this could be a showstopper. :wink:

If it happens, I have the box and everything for the DN, I assume you’ve kept the box too?



Sweet, well just let me know.

I move to London in three weeks and I’ll be working in the city too, so I could easily swap it.

I bought it in November 2017 and it’s only had occasional use - I still have the box, manual and all the cables.

Give me a shout if you’re still interested!


Sorry for the delay, I were out when you posted this.
Home now and read up some, unfortunately I found that the A4 doesn’t have external MIDI sequencing at all (CV instead it seems) :-(.
Too bad, that’s a showstopper for me, double bad since I was a bit excited about getting my hands on one.

Best of luck, and it’s a nice trade you have to offer so I’m sure you’ll find someone else who isn’t as dependant on the MIDI sequencing from their DN as I am.


No worries, yeah, the lack of MIDI sequencing is a bit annoying.

I’ll probably look into getting a DT anyway, likely when I’ve settled into my new job in London.





I would also consider trades for any MK2 box + cash. Cheers!


They do look really good together. I’d love to give that set up a go. Free bump, that’s a great price


One final bump - I really want that Digitone!


Bump again. I’ll most likely be listing the A4 on gumtree ithis evening f no one snaps this up.


Sorry to spam this but DNs are in stock in Juno and I’d like to snag one this evening. the A4 is £580 shipped anywhere in the UK!




This is still up for trade.