FT - FS [EU Only] Medusa Dreadbox Polyend 720€ , iPad Pro 410€ {price dropped!}


I’ve decided to sell my Medusa Dreadbox Polyend and my iPad pro 128gb 12.9" from 2015 .

Medusa :

It’s definitely in mint condition.
I’ve bought it used about 4/5 months ago.
I wanted to try this incredible sequencer matched with db beautiful filters, it’s just that it doesn’t fit
my workflow so it doesn’t find much use nowdays
It’ll come with the original package and the charger.

750Euros. Price dropped!

iPad Pro :

As well as before, it’s ALMOST in Mint cond.
Only, it has a small scratch on a backplate corner, but nothing really noticeable neither
its compromising at all the functionning of the ipad itself (you can check the pictures to see it).
I’ll give a protective cover, the charger and a spare usb lighting cable.


I could accept some trades for Tr8s or a SP404sx
Anyway, please propose me and we’ll see together :slight_smile:

The shipping fees will be divided between me and the buyers.
I do accept paypal (preferably F&F),
I’m shipping from Italy and France, trackable and assured, but i still dont know wich company i will use, we’ll see.

Everything, even the prices, can be discussed, please pm me for any info.


Bump cause I ve decided I would accept some trades and I ve lowered the price of the Medusa. Thanksss

Trade your Medusa for a Shruthi XT + Circuit Mono Station + Presonus ACP88?

PM’d :slight_smile: !

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Bump for price drop! Medusa for 750e!!!

Bumppppy for dropped prices

Irrelevant free bump but how do you colour code tracks on patterning? Didn’t know that was a thing

Is on the right low corner of the FILE screen


I’ve found it here :slight_smile:

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Hi there, would you fancy a mint Nyborg 24, Monologue+D/Saver,
and some cash for your Medusa? :slight_smile:
Both machines are lovely as sound source and/or filter, the N24 in particular,
but get more often cleaned than actually used tbh. Cheers!