FS: (US/WW) - Gotharman Little Deformer3 - $1375

Gotharman Little Deformer3 with extra I/O installed - $1375 shipped in the US (slightly more for overseas due to higher shipping charges).

I think I’m going to hang onto this. Gotharman recently announced a new oscillator model/engine and they previewed resonator oscillators that sounded pretty nice. I might end up using it as a regular synth and not focus so much on the sampling side of things.

I’ll likely be selling my MacBeth Elements 2 (the new black one) instead. Funny enough, when I talked to my knee surgeon, he said he didn’t take synths as payment.

Once the US drops out of the UPU (Universal Postal Union) in mid-October, buying anything overseas will be super-expensive for US people so buying gear that’s already in-country will be more enticing later this year. It’s likely to impact folks buying from the US as well. It’ll be bad when FedEx is the cheaper option…


preview of coming attractions: !!!




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Oh my that looks like fun in a box and then some :nerd_face:

It’s amazing how much support and craziness one person is able to pack into a product line. if you’re at all interested in the Gotharman stuff, I strongly suggest surfing YouTube looking for video from Gotharman. You’ll get a good idea of the kind of sound he (the main/only developer Flemming) likes and what the machines are capable of producing.

For me, 90+% of my time with the Octatrack was spent on the main page. I’d sample some random chunk of dialog or something then mess wit the pitch, time stretch, start and length and sometimes the repeats. Then I’d move to the LFOs to automate some of that then finally put a filter on. I never used the MIDI sequencer, never used the Arranger, rarely used lots of p-locks and scenes, so it made sense to try something else.

The LD3 has some very out there effects and you have a lot of flexibility in how you arrange the 16 voices and 8 audio busses and either applying effects in series or parallel. His 400+ page manual is definitely worth downloading and reading through to get an idea of everything packed into this box.

Flemming frequents Muff’s and sometimes GearSlutz and definitely takes requests from users and potential users and is pretty quick at putting out updates. Not many of his products in existence, but they do things nothing else can do.

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almost the last reply/bump for me. IMHO this is a box that deserves to be used and enjoyed by someone. I’m not looking to squeeze every last $ out of the sale. If you’re looking for a smooth/pads/ambient machine, this may not be my first choice. However, if you’re looking for some crunch, distortion, toxic chemical, explosion type machine, this can do the job well.

As a straight up sampler, it’s a fine machine. It does chops and lets you easily play them so using a multi-sample chopped up like in the Octatrack is easier (IMHO) in the Gotharman. The digital filters have a wide array of sound sculpting possibilities. Some are fairly subtle and others get much more non-linear. Gain staging across the machine really changes the drive/distortion/grit in the final output. Again - if at all interested, I suggest downloading the huge manual from their website and having a read-through.

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Surprised this is sitting here @oldgearguy… thought someone would have snapped this up already?

Bump for a great seller and a really interesting looking bit of kit.

I remember the device having a cult following on EU. People revered it.

I’m shocked it’s still here too.


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Thanks guys. I updated the text and pix.

bump for some crazy talk in the original post.

Your surgeon is a quack.

lol. Knee feels great. He’s apparently a traditionalist when it comes to compensation. No Bitcoin, no gear, didn’t need his car washed.