FS (US/Oakland): Eurorack modules (O&C, Expert Sleepers), drum controller


Local pickup in Oakland, or domestic shipping to US for an additional $10 (if buying DrumKat, $30 due to weight and size)

  1. Eurorack module: Ornament & Crime - $270

This is a DIY custom build that someone built for me. Options I chose for the build: 1) gloss black Magpie panel; 2) blue display; 3) knobs are big chunky metal ones, in black. The total package has high quality materials and looks really great in a case, and the slightly higher cost (compared to other offers out there) reflects those materials.

  1. Eurorack modules: Expert Sleepers ES-3, ES-5

A suite of modules that are incredibly useful for interfacing your Eurorack modular synth with your computer - exponentially expand your set of modules and create a ‘hybrid modular’ using Reaktor, VCV Rack, Bitwig, Max for Live, etc.

ES-3 mk2 - CV/Lightpipe Interface with 8 outputs - $300
ES-5 mk2 - Gate, Clock, and Sync Expander for the ES-3 (8 additional outputs) - $130
SOLD - ES-6 - CV/Lightpipe Interface with 6 inputs - SOLD

$400 o.b.o. for the ES-3 and ES-5 together as a bundle (recommended - outputs can get used up rather quickly depending on what you want to do).

I’ve also got an ADAT/lightpipe-to-USB interface I’d sell for around $60.

  1. DrumKat MIDI Drum Pad Controller - $150

DrumKat 3.5. Great condition, not much wear on the pads, everything functions correctly. Comes with: DrumKat, official carrying case, KF-1 foot pedal, power supply, manual, catalog. You can pick up a MIDI cable at any number of music stores. For those who aren’t familiar, these are classic drum pad controllers favored by drummers - there’s little to no crosstalk between pads (usually a big problem with multi-pad drum controllers), and they are super flexible in terms of programming their behavior, sensitivity, etc. These things can get weird if you want them to get weird.


Edited - the ES-6 has been sold, ES-3 and ES-5 are still available individually or as a discounted bundle. I’m also adding an ADAT/lightpipe-to-USB interface for $60.


Edited - the Nebulae has been sold.


Howdy. I see this sales post is from a long time ago. Have you still got the adat usb device for sale? Thanks


Yep, I have the ADAT device still and would sell it. I’m going to use the ES-3 AND ES-5 as expanders for my ES-8, but won’t need ADAT. Msg me :slight_smile:


Hey there… Do you still have the Drum Kat?


Drumkat’s long gone, sorry! (Ended up selling it to someone from My Life With the Thrill Kill Kult, haha)