Fs (us/nyc): all sold

All items in mint condition with original box, used very lightly for a couple months in home studio. The only non-original thing is the Octatrack charger – I lost the original, so I replaced it with one with the same specs.

Elektron Octatrack mk2 – $1150 shipped

Elektron Analog Heat mk2 – SOLD
Kilpatrick Audio Redox Reverb – $425 shipped

Elektron PL-3 protective lid – $40 shipped

Cost above include USA shipping only, but I’m happy to ship elsewhere if buyer pays shipping cost.

Where are pics? All market place sales require them now :slight_smile:

Any chance you’re into trades? Model Samples, volca FM, sample and Beats, make noise modules … I’d really love that AH

Updated with pics! And Octatrack.

Nope, only looking to sell at the moment.

By the way, if anyone looking a this is in NYC, I’m willing to come down a little if I don’t have to ship and you can do cash / Venmo.

Wait - selling the OT? No more ambient jams? :frowning:

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Nah I think I’m keeping it, just needed to sell something