FS (US): Moog Grandmother semi-mod synth


Hey y’alllll…
I’m regretfully selling my Moog Grandmother. (“Ga-ga”… :joy:)
It’s in super mint condition. I’m the only owner.
Studio use only. Smoke-free/pet-free.
Bought new in Feb 2019.

Price: $750 shipped to USA.
Paypal personal, or we split the fees.

Comes with everything original:
power, manual, product box, shipping box, patch cables




For what it’s worth, I believe photos are a must here on Elektronauts. It protects both parties, in the end. Tha being said, I’m interested, but I’ll wait for photos.

side note: my mother-in-law’s grandmother nickname is “Gaga”, haha. The first grandkid coined it, and it stuck, as the story goes.


Good deal. Yeah, just at work atm. I’ll def add photos tonight.
I’ll let ya know when the pics are up. Thx for the reply

My mother-in-law is also “Ga Ga”! Coined by my daughter. :slight_smile:


Yes please, as per this in the Marketplace:

We’re now requiring that all new marketplace sale and trade ads be accompanied by photo (the photo should be a recent original), price, and/or desired trade options. Please add these items to your listing at the time of listing.

Any listings not containing the required information risks being unlisted or closed without notice. If a listing is subsequently edited and complete the opening post may be flagged (select something else ) to draw attention to the listing which will be re-instated.


Photos added. Thx guys


solid seller. buy with confidence. have traded gear with him several times over the years (including a Roland SH5 back in 2008, which I still have!) and he’s a good dude. :+1:


Why are you selling this?


To get money for life stuff :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
not that it matters, really.