FS (US) : Monomachine SFX-6! (On Reverb/Ebay now)


It’s time to say goodbye. After 13 great years, I’m putting my beloved Monomachine SFX-6 up for sale.

Own a piece of history! This is the very same keyboard responsible for the “Thriller” sound on Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” Oh, you know that panflute sound on Art of Noise’s “Moments in Love?” Yeah, they were playing this exact keyboard. Oh, and let us not forget Toto’s “Africa”–composed entirely on this iconic synthesizer!

Anyway, it’s in great condition. Keys are not totally #FFFFFF, but all keyboards exhibit some degree of yellowing. Comes with original box and manual.

One minor issue that it’s pretty much always had: the LCD backlight will flicker once in a while. This does not affect the audio or functions of the SFX-6. Purchased from Analog Haven in 2005. #35 out of 500.

$1,050 USD + $60 shipping+insurance. For sale in the US, only. Paypal “goods and services” preferred. Local pickup ultra-preferred (somewhere near Philadelphia.) I have good standing in this community and on eBay. Please include references (ebay, reverb, MW, etc.) when making an inquiry.

Now, pics!

And some other stuff I’m selling:


Deal of the year right there!


What a steal!!! Easily 30% to 50% off its value.

Someone do my personal finances a favor and buy this!


i dunno, i think the price reflects the value pretty much perfectly. if anyone tries to buy this to flip for more money they will likely be in for a hard time.


I saw one go for this price on ebay just a week ago, while I’ve seen others go up for a lot more (and I don’t recall if they sold or not). So idk. Either way, $1000 is very good for this thing. A smokin’ deal.


Still available.

Did I mention that it has the “knob upgrade” installed, for maximum comfort and control?


If I didn’t already own two MnM…:robot:
Amazing price


Great piece of history! Even if it’s not the history you joked about lol






Hey, this excellent keyboard is now on Reverb! Make me an offer.


Available and ready to ship!
Make me an offer.