FS (US) Digitone with protective cover


Selling a Digitone in perfect condition. Bought brand new three months ago, never left my house and nothing wrong with it at all. I have two and I never should have bought the second…($). Comes with box, little manual, elektron protective lid, USB and power cable. Asking for $660 and I will pay shipping, insured for $700. Can be to USPS as soon as money is in my PayPal account. PayPal only, US only, I am located in Muskegon, Mi. PM me for pics of it… New OS 1.10 is installed


Bump, price drop - anyone interested in straight trade for digitakt? Will add pics tonight. Digitone in perfect condition


Grr, this is tempting. I love my digitakt, but starting to wonder if I could make things work with the Digitone only. Of course, the ideal scenario is get both. I’m confused about the price, is it $660 or $700? Cheers