FS (US): analog keys - SOLD please close


excellent condition. includes “underbridge” to protect the keys. original box. non-smoking studio use only. used to belong to AdamJay, and you know he took great care of it. only item of note is a tiny little black smudge on the ‘l’ in “Elektron” on the rear of the synth (pictured).

price includes shipping from Ohio, to within the states.

pics here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B5wVtXlO8gd4M040aEFOOXpEbTQ


You down for trades at all? I’d love to get that o coast… Digitone, volca fm,more mn eurorack - woggelbug, function, Rosie, optomix…


for the moment I’m looking for cash, thanks.


friday bump. some stuff sold. lots of goodies still available.




Godspeed, old friend…