FS / US : Ableton Live 9 License w/ Max4Live + more


Ableton Live 9 License (includes M4L, Operator, and Sampler)

A Ableton Live 9 standard license with the following add-ons included:

Retro Synths

I’ve since jumped onto the Bitwig train and haven’t really touched Live other than to use M4L stuff.

It’s a standard license, eligible for transfer.

$250 OBO


bumpee deee bummp


How was the transition?
I was curious about BW when it first landed as it was being touted as a bit of an ableton slayer, but I’ve not given it a glance since and stayed with live.


I like it, I’ve primarily used Live as a tape recorder the last few years, but I really enjoy how Bitwig caters to the use of external hardware (e.g. native e-rm multiclock plugin etc).

Anyhoo, Bitwig is great especially if you haven’t gone full fledged into Live land (i.e. Push, suite etc).


The Push script for it is alright, but it’s not as smooth to use


i got a push 1 to use with that and it was actually really great, but i didn’t put the time in needed to get my muscle memory up to speed. still a cool option to have.


Totally agree. Tried it again the other week and was just like “nope!”. It’s a shame as there’s a lot to really like about bitwig. MPE being a big plus.

But, I get student discount with Apple so may as well make my second DAW Logic!


I loved the piano pad layout of it. The rest felt useful but awkward. Great that it’s there though

I suppose I could M4L patch a piano layout on my Push. I’ll have to investigate this down the line




tetra sold, bumps for lowered prices