FS(UK) Teenage Engineering OP-Z


Teenage Engineering OP-Z in excellent condition (latest firmware and fresh factory reset applied).

Comes boxed and complete with USB C cable. Extras include an orange pencil case which makes an ideal case for the OP-Z and cables; and USB-C to micro USB and USB-C to USB-A cables to help you connect to your other gear.

Now £415 + p&p, PayPal F&F please or collect from Dundee. Sold many times on here, Muff Wiggler and over 1000 rating on eBay.


Bump and a cheeky Monday price drop! :sunglasses:


damn I just bought a new one about a month ago… :roll_eyes:


Why not have two?! :smiley:


If I could afford it, aren’t you curious about the next update?


I’m always curious! But I’ve got too much gear and too many options.