FS (UK) Surface pro 3 / MPC live £730


price drops for the A4 and OT, grab a bargain!


how old is the a4? and where on our island are you



Hi j.m the A4 is around 3 years old and in the UK.


I’ll take the a4 if still going. Will pm u


Thanks Bambrose. A4 now sold


Company of quail EIT-1 now Sold


Is OT still for sale?


Yes acidaasm, still for sale.


How much posted?


Dropped the price of the Ableton 9 suite to £230, and to answer some queries this is a full copy not edu!


ipad sold and bump


Octatrack MK1 down to £600




Per chance you interested in a 128gb ipad wifi 1st version and cash for the OT?


sorry Monsterism, already have an ipad.


weekend bump


Is the Octatrack still available? Does it come with usb cable/power supply/cf card? Are all the knobs, buttons etc working ok?


yes great condition 16GB and 64GB CF card, original box, USB cable, power supply and instruction book. And all working.


Great. Can you ship to Glasgow and is PayPal ok?


PMed you back