FS (UK): SP1200 fully refurbished & extras


Parting with this beast as I need the space (and bought something else)…

Just had it fully serviced with Jazzcat, UK’s authority on Akai and E-Mu refurbs and upgrades…

Needs no intro.

Asking £4,250… also on sleazybay

Entire audio path re capped, no noise on any of the channels - SSM filters sound glorious

Full refurb cost c. £500… no corners cut!

Upgraded the floppy drive to the best USB drive available and sits flush with the case. You get the original floppy too.

Sample input mod (non intrusive) installed so you can monitor the input. Sick…

New logarithmic potentiometers - super tight and sturdy

Extra faceplate imported from the US

Original display with installed trimmer to adjust contrast (not possible on original)…

Buttons, caps, push action - all like new

Basically internals are so clean you can eat dinner on it

No funky smells, kept in my smoke and dust free studio

Pick up from Notting Hill London :slight_smile:

Any questions PM me…

Thank you!


Wow, that’s sexy.

Way out of my financial league atm, but good luck for the sale, really looks intense and awesome!

That’s a thing of beauty


Thanks guys - it is awesome and sounds ridiculously HUGE…

If it doesnt sell it’ll be a blessing in disguise :+1::grinning:



forgot to mention I also accept BTC… :star_struck:

will be a bit trickier considering the enormous volatility so PM me if this is a method you wish to explore. Thanks!

BUMP… :star_struck:

Unbelievable I remember one of these going for £75 in a 2nd hand music shop once


must have been completely broken and just for parts?

they never went for less than $1000 used - at least I’ve never seen one