Fs (uk) sold


If that refers to me then consider me backed out due to lack of funds. Other buyers go ahead!




very surprised bim hasnt sold…
will think about it tonight.


Push 2 sold just the Bim and surface pro 3 left.




BIM sold!


added elektron mk1 octatrack and analog 4


hi richie,

what color does the EIT-1 have? and how much for P&P to Berlin?




Hi Augenadler the EIT-1 is black. And could you PM me your address so I can check out the P&P.


@richie PM


Hi guys, I’ll try to update with photos once i get home from work, Thanks!

Think i’ll try again with flatter lighting and a few more angles.


Price drop on the surface pro 3!


Can you send me a link to the spec / details of the surface pro.


I think the model is Microsoft model 1631 Surface Pro 3 Tablet. The specs are Intel Core i7, 8GB RAM, Windows 8.1 Pro, 12", 256GB, Wi-Fi, Silver
Microsoft Surface Pro Type Cover Black


Hi Richie,

Want to do a trade? EIT-1 for my Microgranny?



No problem. Out of interest would you take £100 for it?


Sorry OverUnity, its already a bargain at the listed price!


Thank god the BIM finally sold, I talked myself into buying it so many times!


I’m here to help Anfim :stuck_out_tongue:
Price drops on the OT and A4!


hi, OT is still available ? can you ship to Netherlands ?