FS (UK): Shruthi XT


Shruthi XT - Laurentide Synthworks, 4PM multimode filter, OLED screen, YAM firmware with expanded waveforms and better PWM, all knobs and buttons good. Was £280 now £220 plus shipping / pp

Pickup in Glasgow possible

Thanks for looking!


do you ship to the US?


Have never shipped to US but I wouldn’t be opposed to it, can look into shipping costs if you’d like. Cheers


Shruthi still here, price drop
£270 plus postage


Bump and price drop, £250 plus postage


I can’t believe that no one has snapped this up yet. It’s such a great synth and this is a really great price. But the main reason I’m posting is to thank you for alerting me to the existence of the YAM firmware - I didn’t realise that was a thing so I’ll be checking that out with mine. It sounds super cool.

Good luck with the sale!!


Cheers man, YAM is great! It’s worth it for the square PWM wave alone, big improvement.


Bump, price drop to £240


edit May 19th: price drop to £220 plus shipping