Fs: UK : op-1 £625+pp


99% sure i’m selling my op-1
immaculate condition , latest firmware …
teenage engineering carry case , plastic knobs and cranks and that stuff , usb lead and short audio lead.
will post pictures later.

£625 plus shipping (price seems higher on ebay but i can avoid fees doing it here ), ideally uk only.
paypal friends and family , bank transfer , cash
available to pick up in watford too.

wanted to judge if there is any interest … ?
or exchange for malekko manther /cash or something…


Msg sent


Would like to see pictures if not sold already



eBay regularly sends out messages enticing you to post stuff with a £2 maximum fees this weekend offer. Wait until one pops up. That’s the only time I ever sell stuff on eBay.
You’ll be able to command a higher price there too :wink:


sold …
everytime i demo a piece of gear i’m selling i get nice results and want to keep it…
happened again with this (previously with sherman filter bank2 and t-rezonator ).