FS (UK) MnM, Push2, RME UFX Fireface

Need to sell a load of stuff unfortunately :frowning:

Monomachine MkII Drive+ , box and Manual - £700
RME UFX Fireface Mki, box and manual - £1000
Push 2 with box - £420
All items in great condition.

PM if interested can then provide photos and more details.
Based in London, prefer collection and can test items.

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posting some photos might help sales. :wink:

Is the MD a mk1 or mk2?
Age n condition?


Yeah I will upload some later. Its Mk2 -UW nonDrive+
Good condition - I am the second owner. Its not from the last batch.
Includes the TM-1

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Can we get photos please? Marketplace ads short on details might be unlisted until the basic info required is presented. Original photos are encouraged.


Any chance of some photos of the Monomachine please?


Only thing to note is H encoder is slow to change values unless its pressed down when it acts normally.
check this out https://youtu.be/oyQSraIRxDI

Please ask if you have any more questions

Hi, do you still have any of these?

i’ve got the push2 and the rme