FS: UK; Eurorack


AJH Synth: Gemini filter (£200), Minimod VCO (£170), Transistor ladder filter (£145), Ring SM (£175)

Mutable Instruments: Veils (£110), Rings (£175)

WMD Triple VCA - £100

Most modules have a bit of rack rash but otherwise in great condition.

I accept PayPal and bank transfer, or cash on collection (I’m based in Leicester). Shipping will be £8 for the modules. I’ve bought and sold plenty of stuff on here and am a trustworthy seller. Thanks!


Pro 2 is a lot of mono synth for 800. Good price


Agree I have been looking at the Pro 2 for a while… looking for one here in Australia


Wow, 800 is an immense deal for one of those. I’d be tempted, but can’t justify it next to my Peak! :see_no_evil:


Pro 2 is sold!


Heat sold!


That vector space looks nuts, what a cool idea for a module!


URA, Contours, Hermod and Vector Space sold!