FS (UK/EU) Ventris Dual Reverb, £300 [ resolved/refunded ]


Shocking behaviour. This forum is a trust worthy site to normally buy and sell on.just hope the seller refunds the money


What a w@&*%£r doing that to you.hope he gets done for this.shocking


I did wonder why there had been s ramp up of insisting on certain things in sales adds. Now I see why. I’ve yet to have a seriously shitty experience with music gear yet - very fortunate. Hopefully this one gets sorted out.


I’m very sorry to hear this. I hope there’s a reasonable explanation and it gets resolved well for everyone.


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OP Why not call the jon the scammer at his work or send a mail to him at work, (I have his work email if needed)


@Finns Could you perhaps send a pm to Adam @apmbpm (and tell him how you know it and how old the info is) to establish if that’s a new contact to try or an existing known one which is either lapsed or ignored - CC me if you like but at least fly it past Adam in private - thanks


No worries im not posting anything in public, we have establised that i ID the right guy. Im just suggesting this in public hoping that Jon read along and realises his little secret could blow up in his face inside his own comfort zone.


What is F/F?


Sorry I got that totally wrong! I meant I would not do PayPal friends and family again - it’s worth paying the extra for the protection you get with normal PayPal!


thanks :slight_smile:

and I agree.


Hey @Finns, of you didn’t mind PMing me those details.
I’ve got a meeting at the police station again this afternoon and can pass that information to them too.
Thanks for your efforts in uncovering more about him.


@apmbpm i’ll link you guys up in a moment Adam




Hope this gets solved soon, @apmbpm.
And I am happy to see the efforts of the community and moderators to solve this.
We have some great people here indeed!



:cb: Good news : The seller has apologised and offered some mitigating insights and as well as being very remorseful will resolve/compensate completely with the buyer.

At last some progress and it turns out some of the theories were right - this guy’s been through a chaotic challenging period and has apologised - it’s still no excuse but at least there seems to be an end in sight - with that in mind some elements of the personal info above/elsewhere will be dialled back by a moderator editing stuff to allow a bit more discretion

We don’t want to pour misery on misery now there’s contact, contrition and a resolution (sorry to steal Adam’s thunder here, but i think the posts should be tweaked right away)- so there’s an end in sight, but the user account will eventually close as a result as things stand, might be for the best anyway


That’s good news.Happy it’s being sorted👍


Closed pending resolution


Update about news of a resolution from @apmbpm posted here ftr …